Bizarre Beetle Carcasses Phenomenon As Millions Of Dead Insect Wash Up On Yorkshire’s Beach, UK


What is going on at Scarborough beach today?

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Millions of beetles swarm beach in Yorkshire, UK. Picture via Twitter

Akin to the biblical plague of locusts that, according to the Passover story, was one of the Ten Plagues sent upon the Egyptians for refusing to let the Jewish people leave Egypt, a mysterious plague of 100,000s of dead beetles have inexplicably washed up on the beach in Yorkshire, UK on April 13, 2020…

Yes, thousands if not millions of bugs have appeared all over a beach in Yorkshirecovering huge parts of the beach at Cayton Bay, near Scarborough.

Same dead flies/beetles crazyness along other beaches in Cayton Bay.

Some have speculated that the insects are Lochmaea suturalis, commonly known as heather beetles because they feed on the plant.

The beetles are native to the region and may have migrated over from the North Yorkshire Moors.

But a statement released on Tuesday by the Scarborough and Burniston Coastguard Rescue Team suggested the bugs were European Chafer Beetles usually only found in mainland Europe.

The statement said: “Yesterday afternoon whilst the team were on a coastal patrol, a member of the public alerted them to something strange on the beach.

It appears that a large number of European Chafer Beetles have washed up on a few beaches around Scarborough.

The Coastguard Counter Pollution team have been informed so the source can be investigated.

Weird, some mainland beetles found in a coastal area. In any cases, it’s an apocalyptic insect mass die-off. More biblical headlines on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [Metro]

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