Sky Turns Blood Red Over Niger


An enormous sandstorm over Niger’s capital turned the skies blood red as a towering wall of dust swept the city.

The apocalyptic and menacing spectacle was captured by several eyewitnesses. Here you go:

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Sky turns blood red in Niger. Picture: Youtube

The immense storm swept through Niamey on Monday, shrouding the city in an eerie reddish darkness.

The impressive sight shows a large wall of sand engulfing buildings as it rolls over the city.

Standing hundreds of meters tall, the giant dust cloud turned day into night for anyone standing in its path.

There have been no reports of damage or injuries so far.

However, dust storms are thought to drive surges in some illnesses – such as bacterial meningitis – in the Sahel region, which stretches across North Africa from Eritrea to Senegal.

According to a scientific study, the high winds can carry particles, including infectious bacteria, deep into the respiratory tract, suggesting sandstorms could play a role in outbreaks of some diseases.

Although giant sandstorms are somewhat common across the Sahara Desert, they usually hit during the dry season known as the “Harmattan,” which typically runs from January to April. More apocalyptic natural disasters on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [RT]

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