What’s Up With All These Giant Explosions And Fires Across The World In The Last Few Days?


What’s up with all these gigantic blasts and apocalyptic fires in China, North Korea, Lebanon, India, USA, Iraq, Iran in the last few days?

2020 is full surprises… And probably no coincidences…

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What’s up with all these giant explosions and fires across the world in the last few days? Picture: ABCNews


Everything started on August 3, 2020, in China‘s Hubei province, where a chemical factory flash explosion killed at least six people and injured 4. Cause is under investigation.

North Korea

This first blast was followed a few hourslater by a giant gas leak explosion in Hyesan, Yanggang Province, North Korea, killing 9 and injuring at least 30 residents. Cause is under investigation.


The day after, the port area of Beirut, Lebanon, was devastated by mammoth explosion killing more than 140 people and injuring thousands. Cause is ammonium nitrate but who put the fire?


Also during the afternoon of August 4, 2020, an explosion panicked residents living around a plant of Vijayshree Pharma Company in Rambilli Zone SEZ of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, India. Cause under investigation


Again on August 4th, an electricity cable EXPLODED in the middle of a residential street in Birmingham, UK, sending a smoke and fireball into the air and residents running inside for shelter. The explosion was so big, fire alarms went off from inside homes.


Finally, firefighters on Tuesday battled a large fire in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, that engulfed a building under construction. Flames were shooting high into the air and the glow could be seen for miles when firefighters arrived about 4:20 a.m.


The fire broke out inside three industrial warehouses east of Tehran on Tuesday. The blaze destroyed manufacturing supplies, including lumber and leather.

Then on August 5, at least seven ships have been set ablaze at shipbuilding factory in the southern Iranian port of Bushehr. According to reports, the cause remains unclear and no casualties were reported.

The fire in Bushehr is the latest in a series of fires at sensitive and important locations in Iran in recent weeks, including an explosion at Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility on July 2, and a blast at a Tehran military facility, which have fuelled speculation of foreign sabotage.

United Arab Emirates

On August 5, 2020, a large fire broke out on Wednesday evening 6:30 pm at a market in the emirate of Ajman, 50 km away from Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, less than a day after the Beirut nitrate ammonium explosion. Cause under investigation


A natural gas pipeline exploded and several roads collapsed after heavy rains inundated parts of Yulin, a city in China’s northwestern Shaanxi province. No casualties were reported in connection with the August 5, 2020, blast, but local authorities have evacuated nearly 600 people from the area. Cause under investigation


On the same day, explosion and subsequent tank battery fire is under investigation in Midland, Texas. Cause is also unknown.


Again on August 6, 2020, a massive fire broke out in more than 20 warehouses of wholesale markets in Najaf, Iraq. Causes under investigation.

So what’s up with all these giant explosions and fires in the last few days? There are no coincidences in 2020… More explosion news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. Thanks to Lorraine Cummings.

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  1. My best guess is the fires have multiple causes.
    I am aware of a widespread POWER GRID failure affecting the globe.
    I worked on this problem in 2018 for [Duk€ €n€rg¥ & their subsidiary Peaknet/P.T.A.N].

  2. Workers’ protests and strikes in Iran spread to teachers of non-profit schools

    While the strikes in Hafttappeh and HEPCO companies continue, teachers at Iranian non-profit schools have also joined the strikes.

    According to ILNA, the workers of HEPCO automobile in Arak continued their strike for the 13th day. One of the workers said they demand the CEO and upper management to step down.

    Workers in Hafttappeh Sugarcane Company also continued their strike for the 64th day. The workers demand the reversal of the privatization of the company, their delayed paychecks, and the rehiring of their fired coworkers.

    ILNA also reported on Monday that the teachers at non-profit schools in Iran have protested their low wages and lack of job security.

    The teachers told ILNA that unlike public-school teachers, they are paid hourly and based on the minimum wage, even though they are as qualified as public-school teachers and do the same job.

    They went on to say that their average income is 1.5 to 2 million tomans at best, but the average income of public-school teachers is 5.5 million tomans.

    There have also been protests in Kermanshah, Borazjan, Qazvin, Khoramshahr, Mahshahr, and Shahin Shahr.
    Iranian are hungry for 6 Months for not getting salaries. Can American if they do not 9 meals will be rioting like hell?

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    “I have a lot of enemies out there.”
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    In terms of who Trump was identifying as his “enemies,” the president made reference to wealthy anonymous “middlemen” who skim profits from pharmaceutical sales.

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    Furious demonstrators hurl Molotov cocktails at riot police as Lebanese army retakes control of the Foreign Ministry using batons and rubber bullets amid violent clashes in the wake of Beirut blast

    Violent clashes between protestors and security forces have led to several fires in buildings and on streets
    Five thousands people marched on central Beirut as they vented their fury at Lebanon’s political class
    Demonstrators threw stones and build mock gallows as they blamed the government for Tuesday’s blast
    Nearby, veterans stormed foreign ministry calling for ‘revolution’ but were later forced out by the army
    The explosion killed 158 people and wounded 7000, Lebanon’s health ministry said in a statement today .
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  7. You say NO coincidence. A detective told there are no coincidences. I said recently the events have been personally coincidal. There are no coincidences

  8. The Tuesday evening Hal Turner Radio Show was strangely knocked off the air and off the Internet at precisely the time we were discussing the MASSIVE Explosion in Beirut, Lebanon, and how that explosion had the characteristics of a FAILED NUCLEAR DETONATION. It seemed to the audience, who called-in to report the show had been knocked out, that the timing of the outage was a little too convenient . . . it appeared to them that someone did NOT want this subject spoken about. Soooooo, here’s a free audio archive of the entire show show so you can hear what someone didn’t want you to hear.
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  10. Someone or some group is testing particle beam, or kinetic energy weapons from space. Learn about the Rods from God. Most of the weird stuff has been going in Iran. That should tell you who is behind it.

  11. Parece algo que está programado para que pase en este nafásto y horrible 2020. Se esperan más cosas fuertes. saludos.

    It looks like something that is slated to happen in this nasty and horrible 2020. More strong things are expected. Regards.

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