Brisbane just got absolutely damaged by giant hail bombs… And some even made holes in roofs… What the hell!?!

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Gigantic hail damages cars and properties in Brisbane, Queensland on October 31, 2020. Picture by Tia Smith via 7 News

Supercell thunderstorms caused havoc in south-east Queensland on Saturday afternoon, bringing giant hailstones and damaging winds to several regions.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) at one stage warned of “life threatening” conditions, as the severe weather system hit.

Many cars across that city were damaged as hail pummeled the area, with rooves on houses also badly impacted.

And some hail even went through the roofs of houses.

Insane, isn’t it? And look at the wind accompagnying these ice bombs. OMG!

Nearly 50,000 homes in southeast Queensland were without power by 6pm.

Giant hail

Hail as big as 14 centimeteres was even reported at Forestdale, south of Brisbane.

Large hail also slammed other areas, including Gatton, Adare, Seventeen Mile, Toowoomba, Purga, Amberley, Toowong and Boronia Heights.

The size of the hail caused significant damage, with the SES responding to thousands of calls for help for rooves that were smashed.

We heard it coming up the valley and it was like a bomb hit the area. Huge hail, so much damage,” a Springfield Lakes resident told 7NEWS.

It did damage to the car… it was pretty big,” another resident said.

A few days ago, gargantuan hail fell in Libya too!

Public transport

Public transport was impacted, with Beenleigh and Gold Coast train lines suspended between Helensvale and Kuraby for hours due to overhead power lines down.

Trams were also suspended between Helensvale & Southport stations due to a power outage, but have since resumed.

The BOM said on Twitter that “supercell development” and the threat of giant hail had eased by Saturday night, but continued to warn of severe thunderstorms ahead: “Things are volatile & dangerous storms are likely to keep firing up this evening.

Conditions are set to ease for south-east Queensland on Sunday, with a sunny day expected.

Now, imagine a terrible hailstorm where the hailstones weigh 75 pounds!!!! That day will eventually come (Revelation 16:21). More information about this apocalyptic hailstorm in and around Brisbane, Queensland on 7News, ABC.NET.AU, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. In the early 1960s I remember sitting on the floor of my grandfathers truck to get close to the heater box. It was memorial day in western PA and the snow started falling around 5AM.
    I visited my mothers mom later that year and she had a jole through her back porch roof from a ice bomb that happened over the summer.
    In 1980 I stepped out my door in West Palm Beach FL there was frozen dew and a lite snow fall it was the beginning of March.

    Every couple of years we have a solar minimum and everyone freaks out about the weather.
    It looks like we maybe in the beginning of a Maunder Minimum type 11 year period.
    If you look at old paintings and block prints the style of dress was much more robust than typical in recent time.

    The cabal really wants to frame all events as human caused when we already have enough evidence to suggest that we have a variable star.
    We should be planning and working towards a society that is independent of global occurrences we have sufficient energy and technology now to allow every person on earth to live a long productive life. There is total abundance on the earth and only artificial restriction.

    I live what I believe I spent 4.1M usd pursuing a solar thermal engine replicating Mouchot’s designs. My home can withstand 160MPH winds without damage.
    My air conditioning is mixed Gas I designed over 23 SEER at a cost of less than 1000 USD for 5 ton.
    There are solutions to each and every climate issue but we first have to end the idea that control of people is a solution.
    I believe that we exist as an expression of will to greatness.
    There are two dominate signals above all others one is lift towards grace the other is ending mankind.
    Weather conditions may seem strange but I see opportunity.
    Case in point for roofing tiles and hail damage there is a basalt fiber that can replace fiberglass and make roof tiles bullet proof and flame proof it’s cost is less than fiberglass.
    Regulation does not recognize the basalt fiber as ratings of shingles are based on fiberglass content not puncture resistance.

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