That is just insane! 2.24 million lightning strikes in just 48 hours hit the eastern states of Australia

More than 2.24 million lightning strikes were recorded across Australia in the past 48 hours to Monday morning, October 26, 2020. Picture: Bureau of Meteorology
More than 2.24 million lightning strikes were recorded across Australia in the past 48 hours to Monday morning, October 26, 2020. Picture: Bureau of Meteorology

Australia has been hit by more than 2.24 million lightning strikes in just 48 hours as wild weather battered the east coast over the weekend.

Storms and damaging winds up to 100km/h wreaked havoc in multiple states, with volunteers responding to hundreds of calls for help.

The weather bureau said most of the 2.24 million lightning strikes were recorded in Queensland, NSW and the Northern Territory, with more storms expected this week.

The same wave of extreme weather slammed Southern Australia with more than 120,000 lightnings on October 22, 2020.

In Melbourne’s outer east a woman aged in her 50s was hospitalised with non-life threatening injuries after the car she was driving crashed into a tree that had fallen onto the Maroondah Highway at Kilsyth.

Victorian State Emergency Service volunteers have responded to more than 330 requests for assistance in the past 24 hours for trees fallen onto buildings, roads and powerlines.

Kilsyth, Montrose and The Basin in Melbourne’s outer east were the worst affected areas with more than 240 call-outs, while a large Moreton Bay fig tree caused significant damage to a house in Glen Iris.

About 2000 houses, mostly in the eastern suburbs, are also still without power on Monday morning.

In Queensland, the SES, Rural Fire Service, and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services crews were called to 220 jobs for fallen trees, fallen powerlines and property damage.

Brisbane has recorded almost 34mm of rain since 9am on Sunday, while Oakey near Toowoomba received 42.6mm.

At least 34 homes in southeast Queensland were impacted by flooding, mostly from leaking roofs caused by heavy rainfall, with Ipswich, South Brisbane, Redlands and Logan the most affected areas.

A QFES spokeswoman said 132 jobs were for structural damage to houses and 99 for fallen trees, with crews still responding to 33 requests for assistance as of 6am on Monday.

In NSW, Sydney was hit by wind gusts of up to 80km/h and more than 40mm of rain in the past 24 hours, with Cabramurra in the Snowy Mountains recording the strongest winds in the state with gusts of 100km/h.

The wild weather has triggered traffic chaos for Sydneysiders with several roads blocked off ahead of the Monday morning commute.

More information and pictures about this extreme electric weather event on, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. I am agree with you Whack . Yes it is also HAARP suddenly winds of 120 MPH changes to 10MPH then suddenly it picks up. Of course they said we might open up gates of parallel universe.

  2. I’m pretty sure that the weather warfare that attacked Australia with the drought & fires last season was used as leverage by the powers that be to endure our fearless “ leaders” begged for rain. The deal was – we will give you rain if you lockdown the country when we introduce Covid 19.
    Then after they complied with their totalitarian BS that has destroyed lives, businesses, mental health, the economy & killed people then they gave us so much rain that it’s been just as destructive as the fires.
    You can’t do a deal with the devil and expect him to honour it in good faith.
    This is just conjecture of course but with all the strange, nonsensical rubbish coming out of govt in response to a virus that has a 99% recovery rate now all “ conspiracy theories” are ON the table now because they make much more sense than the BS coming out of our leaders & their winged monkeys.

  3. Well all signs there. With coming of second full moon OCT 31 2020 .The gates of hell opened up for planet earth. Fires, massive winds, quakes of 7 or plus will
    shake down the planet. Now massive Californian and Oregonian and Washingtonians are in preparation of evacuations. Get out of big cities now before the time gets zero time. What is Chinese troop is seen in Canada. I have not seen yet. If i see one i will report one. Election is best to be at home after voting and do not go to streets , do not each for violence. The cost of civil war will get you free health care and much more. Already mother nature started to burn our North America and Colorado is in mess fire, enough is enough lets hope for the best.
    Australia is always like this not to this extent. It is strange is New Zealand are shaking next? Please put an articles that

    Why Do Lights Sometimes Appear in the Sky During An Earthquake?
    Scientists have a new hypothesis to explain the mysterious phenomenon—one that could allow the lights to serve as warning for an impeding quake
    Please write an article for this subject as well if you can.

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