More than 120,000 lightnings leave 15,000 people in the dark during extreme weather in South Australia

More than 120,000 lightning strikes lit up the night sky over South Australia leaving 19,000 people in the dark. Picture: 7News

More than 120,000 lightning strikes have lashed South Australia as wild weather hits the state.

Of those, 19,608 bolts have struck the ground north-west of Adelaide since yesterday morning.

The remainder were ocean-based or did not hit land.

More than 15,000 were left without power on Friday during the storms.

SA Power Networks says almost all of those outages were due to lightning.

The largest outage was at Whyalla just before 10am, with more than 10,300 customers affected.

Power was out for about an hour.

Further heavy rain, hail and damaging winds are predicted over Clare and further north heading into Friday evening, while Adelaide is likely to escape most of the storm.

Flooding concerns remain for areas north of the city with livestock at risk.

Coastal regions are also expected to be lashed by strong winds. More extreme weather news on 7News, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Also multiple days now Las Vegas has no electricity and many people are remained in prison in the elevators.
    10:20 A.M. 10/21/2020
    2,138 customers are currently without power in the Las Vegas valley. The affected zip codes include 89139 (1,872 customers); 89113 (248 customers); and 89147 (11 customers).
    What is going on are we headed for something?


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