Massive spinning ice discs form in Russian and Chinese rivers (videos)

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Ice disks videos captured in rivers in China and Russia in November 2020.

Some massive disks of ice were seen spinning in Chinese and Russia rivers recently.

And this winter phenomenon is very impressive and unexpected. Just look by yourself!

Genhe County, Inner Mongolia, China – November 18

Bystritsa river, Kirov region, Russia – November 17

Aristovo river, Ryazan region, Russia – November 21

How a giant spinning ice disk forms

Ice disks are a happy accident of nature and are almost always perfectly round.

The first theory about their formation is that river water creates a whirlpool around a chunk of ice. The water slowly erodes the ice until its edges are perfectly smooth and circular.

The second theory says that river currents likely help such disks form initially but temperature changes are what keep them spinning. “Warm water is less dense than cooler water, so as ice melts and sinks, it creates a vortex under the disk that causes it to rotate. The warmer the water, the faster the disk spins.

What do you think created these amazing spinning disks of ice in Chinese and Russian rivers? It’s not aliens… that’s for sure! More amazing natural phenomena on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Theory 2 sounds interesting. I’ve seen natural vortexes in water when fishing too. Maybe Theory 1 applies in certain situations, as does Theory 2?

    Pretty interesting if they formed a stargate. Somebody should put on the diving bell and have a crane lower them into it, and see what happens.

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