Mutant corona zombie mink rise from the grave in Denmark

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Dead mink buried in large pits in Denmark. Picture: DM

A few weeks ago, 17 million Danish mink were killed after a mysterious outbreak of a mutant form of coronavirus.

Mutant covid zombie mink rise from the grave
Mink that were killed and buried in huge pits during a coronavirus cull in Denmark have begun rising from the grave. Picture: DR

After being coated in lime to help reduce smell of decay, they were buried in gigantic shallow pits.

Mutant covid zombie mink rise from the grave
17 million Danish mink were culled after outbreak of mutant form of coronavirus. Picture: DR

The problem is taking place in some pits where the mink were buried 3ft down and is partly due to sand being not heavy enough to hold the mink bodies down.

Mutant covid zombie mink rise from the grave
But now some bodies have begun rising through the ground as they fill with gas. Picture: DR

Meanwhile, some animal bodies, filled with gas, have begun rising through the ground and police officials are re-burying the dead mink and insist there is no infection risk.

Now Danes’ new horror movie is all done… The return of the mink zombies. More zombie news on DR, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Why don’t they burn all that?. Why do they let that rot in the air, and contaminate it, and then it affects all of us?

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  3. My cats got the ‘croner bug. (I think) They all came down sick unto death in just one night and in the morning when I went outside, they were wailing with that “I’m a sick cat in pain and anguish” tone, had ataxia and twitching and you could tell that something was affecting their brains because their eyes dilated weirdly. I brought them inside and kept them warm, gave them vitamin C, vit B-12 and about 250 mcg of Vit D3 orally. I force-fed them liquids with the vitamins but let them eat if it pleased them to do so. One keep eating, the others had no appetite or no taste for food. Two days later all my cats have fully recovered!
    How’s that for a feel good story? All my champion mousers are still in the game!

    I bet those minks had something similar. Perhaps some vitamin therapy with good palliative care would have restored those minks instead of euthanizing them? I dunno, but I think there is a “cull-culture” going on. Life is not respected anymore in any capacity.

  4. Daily COVID fatalities for the U.S. hit the highest since May with 2,284 deaths as CDC warns EIGHT coronavirus infections are missed for every one counted and it’s feared Thanksgiving will be ‘the mother of superspreader events’

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    Doctors Warn Side Effects From COVID-19 Vaccine “Won’t Be A Walk In The Park”
    Fevers, sweats, migraines and muscle aches that last for days – these are just some of the symptoms reported by various ‘Phase 3’ trial participants who volunteered for the vaccine trials run by Pfizer, Moderna and others. Though AstraZeneca noted in its preliminary results that its vaccine (which uses the more traditional adenovirus vector) seemed to produce side effects that are less severe than some of its competitors.

    As scientists try to ensure the US reaches a 70%+ vaccination rate (the cut-off point at which herd immunity is believed to kick in) a group of doctors just warned that public health officials and drugmakers need to be “transparent” with patients about the potential side effects of vaccination, and ensure precautions are taken to ensure patients don’t skip their follow-up visit.

    This is a top concern for Dr. Sandra Fryhofer of the American Medical Association, who warned that the side effects might deter many of her patients from receiving the follow-up shot. Dr. Fryhofer expressed her concerns during a virtual meeting on Monday with the CDC and representatives from various vaccine makers

    “We really need to make patients aware that this is not going to be a walk in the park,” Fryhofer said during a virtual meeting with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, or ACIP, an outside group of medical experts that advise the CDC. She is also a liaison to the committee. “They are going to know they had a vaccine. They are probably not going to feel wonderful. But they’ve got to come back for that second dose.”

    During the meeting on Monday, Dr. Nancy Messonnier, director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases who frequently participated in CDC press briefings during the early days of the outbreak, said the agency would work to develop guidance if a health-care worker got a vaccine and then felt unwell the following day, since this could “impact planning on a hospital level in terms of which staff gets vaccinated which day?” she said.

    Beyond ensuring hospitals aren’t left in the lurch because they decided to vaccinate their entire staff at the same time, the doctors also discussed a novel strategy: using “positive” language to talk about the sideeffects. One example would be referring to side effects as a “response” to the vaccine.

    Of course that won’t actually do anything to mitigate the side effects.

    As one might expect, some patients who participated in the study actually got upset when they didn’t experience severe side effects post-vaccination, believing it was a sign they had received the placebo not the actual vaccine.
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  6. You know, I bet you could make a pet out of a mink. Doubt any mice would come inside the kitchen. If they did, I betcha those mink would jump ’em, and bite their heads off. Probably have to put some screen in areas where the mink shouldn’t go, like behind the icebox, and laundry area.

  7. Too bad they had to cull those mink. They are pretty cute creatures.

    I lost my alpha male and female geese to red chinesey bird kung-flu. Sucks. I planted a tree over each goose. Book says I should cull all geese.

    I usually isolate and medicate. Once infected, I save 1 out of 20. Some animals quit, and die quickly, others have heart, and try to survive. I saved one goose, and two ducks in five years. I was hoping they would help the flock develop herd immunity. Once they quit eating, they usually quit trying to live. If they are suffering, then I will cull them.

  8. Let’s have a massive MINK genocide…. I pray for those animals too, now all dead from the trendy corona hoax. Correction, this should be characterized as DEMOCIDE (death by government)

  9. I feel so sorry for the farmers who are under such ridiculous tyrannical despotism.
    There is more than one corona virus corona is a type of appearance not a genetic family.
    Mink, Ferret, ermine and mongoose have had an endemic coronavirus infection for many years.
    Many ferret owners avoid contact with cats and dogs because most are carriers of different strains of coronavirus.
    Knowing that there has not been a complete gene sequence test for covid19 shows how bad actors can leverage ignorance for political gain. This type of farming has been under attack for many years because of the client base of the end products. It is a shame to see a wealth creating industry take such a hit when real science can not prove the existence of the virus only find theoretically expected by products of some virus not necessarily the Sars-Cov2 or SHNC014.
    PCR does not sequence the actual virus it sequences a common chrozome that any disease will produce xenomes for the Covid19 bioweapon is not the actual virus it is the behavior dictated by despots in the name of it.

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