‘Angel’ hovering over burning home in Poland

angel appears over firefighters in Poland, angel appears over firefighters in Poland picture
Angel appears hovering over firefighters battling a fire in Poland. Picture via Facebook

This amazing picture shows what appears to be an angel hovering in the sky over a burning home in Poland.

The baffling image was shared on social media by the mystified fire department.

One of the firefighters on the scene explained that “I didn’t see anything. The work is dangerous, I didn’t look around.

But he dismisses any possible otherworldly explanation for the oddity, observing that “I’ve seen strange figures in photos taken during our rescue operations before, but I don’t know if this is the way the light works or if the wind is causing the smoke to look like that.

Another firefighter believes that “if we have such protection from the afterlife watching over us, I feel fairly calm about safety during the operation.

So what was this eerie figure in the sky? Some kind of guardian angel protecting the firefighters or the people burning in the house? What do you think?

More unexplained phenomena on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [Coast to Coast]

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  1. The situation is very serious.
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    The actions(inaction) of the Capitol police chiefs, some rank-and-file police officers, and the leaders of the Washington National Guard show me that it is highly likely that they were involved in this terrorist attack by MAGA
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  2. I’ve read articles that indicate angels and demons are fighting all around us in another dimesnsion. We can’t readily see these things. There was supposed to be a looking glass relic, hidden from the peasants, of course.

  3. Anything can be edited, that is why technology is dangerous.

    Could be a Jinn for all we know


  4. Hopefully everyone was safely rescued, and perhaps an angel was watching and helping?

    That being said, I have taken pictures of my firepit, and you do capture things that seem otherworldly. The same way when you gaze at the clouds, and see shapes.

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