Did a huge meteor fireball crash in Allegan Lake, Michigan?

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A mysterious ball of fire crashed into Allegan Lake in Michigan on December 27, 2020.

What were these loud booms accompanied by bright flash of light over Allegan County, Michigan?

And did many of you also observe a huge flaming ball crash in or nearby lake Allegan?

Well many residents claim to have seen a huge fireball coming from the sky before hitting Allegan Lake on Dec. 27th.

Did a large meteorite crash in Allegan Lake Michigan, meteorite impact michigan, meteorite impact allegan lake, allegan lake strange sky phenomena, loud boom meteorite allegan lake
Did a large meteorite crash in Allegan Lake, Michigan?

Some residents in Allegan are left scratching their heads this morning wondering just what happened Sunday evening.

An Allegan area resident posted to a social media group called Allegan County Informed on the evening of Sunday, December 27 stating he saw a large fireball come from the sky before crashing into Allegan Lake.

Many baffled residents answered the Facebook post. Here a compilation of the most interesting replies:

Our power went out for a split second too, just South of Lake Allegan off Monroe.

Power flickered here as well. In allegan

I’m on Lake Allegan and whatever it was it was loud. The power flickered very strangely. I thought a near by transformer blew or something. I wasn’t watching the sky but there was a bright light outside. It was all very strange.

I saw the flash also while on m40 heading into allegan, looked like it was over by little John lake. Wondered what it was myself.

My parents live on 118th Ave in fennville and both them and their neighbors said they seen lights going thru the woods that were way to fast to be a person with a flashlight.

I heard on the scanner they were pulling a large unidentified object from the lake this morning.

According to officials as well as witnesses, the loud and bright crash into Lake Allegan happened around 6:50 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

I seen a huge flash on my way home last night out by little John. The flash come from over by allegan lake itz was 6:50 to 7 clock it happen I believe.

Did you meteor and fireballs creates loud noises when disintegrating in the sky?

Some residents claimed to see “crazy purple greenish color it made a high pitched squeal going through the sky” before it crashed in or near Lake Allegan.

As seen in the comment above, many inhabitants experienced their electricity flickering with at least one resident saying their power was out for about a minute.

So! Was this a joke? a meteorite crash? Or perhaps aliens? This is what we want to know right now. More strange sky phenomena news on Facebook 1, Facebook 2, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  6. ● Who pulled an object from the Lake?
    ● Which parties were communicating on the scanner?
    ● What was the object pulled from the Lake?
    ● Why did lights flicker?

    Pretty interesting story.

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