Loud booms and rumblings are shaking up neighborhoods around the world, panicking residents and officials!

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Loud booms around the world remain a mystery.

Loud boom in India

A loud explosion noise echoed across Chandigarh, India on Tuesday evening, shocking residents after their doors, windows and cars started shaking around 8 pm.

Many described the loud boom as if someone had smashed their door or a big surprising shake. But again, nobody knows what it was… Maybe a sonic boom? – The Tribune

Mystery booms in Austin, Texas

Many people were woken up by several booms ressembling ‘gun shots’, ‘exploding transformer’ in south Austin, Texas and 911 calls started to came in around 2:30 a.m.

Half an hour later, police officers were sent onsite. They found nothing and did not hear the loud sounds.

Multiple viewers also say the booms were so loud they caused sirens and car alarms to go on. – KXAN

Explosion rattles North Staffordshire, UK

Families across North Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent have reported hearing a ‘loud bang’ and called Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service.

One resident said: “There was a small explosion over May Bank. Two or more were then heard with the loudest one over Basford Park.

Another added: “There was a loud bang over Basford, it was close to our house and the floors vibrated.

Meanwhile, the mysterious boom remain unexplained. – Stoke Sentinel

Tucson residents shaking for answers after rattling booming noises

Loud booms and rumblings were heard and felt by various residents across Tucson at around 11 a.m. Tuesday.

Whether it be from an earthquake, a UFO or something else entirely, Tucsonans are working on trying to figure out what shook the Old Pueblo.

That’s really strange, isn’t it? A meteor fireball?

Here some other booms at daytime:

Nobody knows yet what this was, but they were not earthquakes. Another training flight out of Davis-Monthan AFB? The jets had been making a lot of low passes over houses in the area. – KVOA

Mysterious noise with massive flash rattles Elk Grove, California

Elk Grove residents were woken up by a large explosion and massive flash in the middle of the night, which were captured on video:

The Elk Grove Police Department said the incident is just another example of loud booms people have been reporting for weeks.

So what are these loud booms rattling homes in Sacramento County? – CBS Sacramento

Mystery boom heard in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky

A mysterious loud boom shook various communities across the Tri-State, from Newburgh, to Evansville, and Henderson, around 2 p.m. Friday.

What was that boom? Nobody knows but a witness in Henderson reports: The whole apartment shook so I was pretty confused. I didn’t know what was going on.

No earthquakes, nothing weather-wise. So what? – Tri State Homepage

Booming noise in Muskego, Wisconsin

Muskego police couldn’t determine what caused some loud booming noises that caused a flurry of questions online on Dec. 27th.

The loud booming noises was reported from Waukesha to Franklin, Caledonia to Wind Lake.

I was watching TV and then I heard a really loud boom. Kinda sounded like something happened in my garage, like it collapsed or something,” said Michelle Bykowski.

Officials believe it was a frost quake. Any other ideas? – Fox 6 Now

Loud booms in Lewisville, Forsyth County

Loud noises around Lewisville overwhelmed the 911 system of Forsyth County on Jan. 2nd. Do you think these were fireworks?

Meanwhile, there were no reports of injuries, but the causes of the noises remain a mystery. – Journal Now

A few weeks ago, another series of unexplained booms were reported in Sydney, UK and the US. And yes! Skyquakes are real!

Meanwhile a giant fireball was seen crashing into Allegan Lake, Michigan. What is that again?

More mysterious loud booms around the world on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. Well the sounds are from satellites on orbit also bollid-es that keep attacking earth with new viruses or upgraded .They want our planets . 90 percent of world population will die ? COG is also needs less people.

  2. ● The sound in Austin sounded like a gunshot.

    ● The daytime Tucson video —could not hear any?

    Mesa sounded like amateur demolition clowns. Mexican fireworks type stuff. M240 . We had kids using those ages ago. Could be homemade. They do make a good blast noise.

    • Kids do make pranks. Decades ago, kids would put M80s or bigger in mailboxes at night.
      Also, in AZ they don’t want people shooting into the air at night around holidays. So people buy cannons, and illegal fireworks. Some of those small toy cannons do produce quite a bang too.

  3. Always wondered if some of the booms could be ufo breaking sound barrier. Perhaps experimental aircraft too.

    Back in the early 60s, sonic booms were common. The kids made a carboard castle bunkers. When jet aircraft would fly over, we would hit the dirt, and get into our bunkers with our slingshots. Kids have active imaginations, so this was just good fun, playing war.

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