Pestilence, plague… Here it comes again… Army of walking locusts invade Saudi Arabia (video)


Pestilence, plague… Here it comes again…

Yes, this has “End Times” written all over it…

These walking locusts look like a giant army of soldiers marching in a capitulated country…

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locust plague in Saudi Arabia. Picture via Twitter video

Are they actually tired of flying? [Surviving the Poleshift]

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  1. I wonder what direction they are headed? Maybe it’s just me but I have noticed alot of strange things from the north west and west directions. Meteorites falling more in that direction odd “sightings” in the sky. Why is no one asking why t he animals and insects that use magnetic to navigate are going nuts?

  2. Schwab and his “Great Reset” accomplices are always pushing for humans to subsist by eating insects… why don’t the areas accosted by these locust hoards capture them and turn them into food for the globalists? It seems to me as if it’s an economic gift in disguise. Sell them to Mark Cuban; he’s on record as enjoying eating locusts [Shark Tank episode].

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