Millions of ladybugs invade Russian beaches (videos and pictures)

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Millions of ladybugs invade Anapa beaches in Russia. Picture via Youtube video

People shared photos and videos of Anapa beaches being invaded by ladybugs. they have flooded the beaches and other infrastructure facilities of the city. They stick around everything and everyone, gather under beach umbrellas, walk on your body… And they even bite!

Insects attacked several city beaches. They are so annoying that some tourists are pulling up mesh tents to have a quiet day… The only way to escape is to hide in the water…

A beachgoer reports: “It’s just awful – there are so many of them, like millions, and they are very annoying. You flick one off, and in a minute you already have five of them sitting on you. To get to the sea, you have to run, otherwise you will be covered completely. We live on the coast… You simply cannot enter our house – all the curtains are red-orange, there are so many insects there.

Meanwhile, tourists are in no hurry to leave Anapa. Ilya Umansky, vice-president of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) said that more than 100 thousand people have arrived since the beginning of July in the coastal city, and they are not going to leave because of that natural disaster.

According to city officials, such biblical invasion of labybirds is a common summer story. Once every 10 years, they have outbreaks of mass reproduction.

Of course ladybugs won’t eat anybody, but I wouldn’t like to have millions of them biting me during my 2 weeks of vacation… [gazeta, e1]

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    • Saw a ladybug. It landed on me. So, I put it on my cherry sapling. It won’t stay there. They fly around and go hunt down aphids probably. We used to have more, and very rarely now.
      Monsoon time here. Lookingbat 60% chance to thunderstorms. Humidity and dew point rose some. Barometric pressure dipped. It’s at the edge of the change bar. Looks promising. Clouds say rain. So does my old sports injuries.

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