Maggots fill Lido Beach in Florida after red tide fish kill – Fishermen worry about their livelihoods

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Maggots fill sand along Lido Beach after red tide fish kill in Florida. Picture via Youtube video

Dead fish continue to wash ashore in parts of Sarasota and Tampa Bay from red tide.

Hundreds of tons of dead fish – victims of the algae bloom – have been pulled from the coast.

But now some beachgoers are finding another impact of red tide. And it’s disgusting:

Experts say the dead fish, which began washing up there last week, are attracting the wriggly maggots.

Visitors on Lido may want to watch their step.

Fishermen worry about their livelihoods

The massive fish kill has started on June 28, 2021 and is now making headlines for weeks.

Now, more than a month later, there’s a lot of frustration among fishermen who say the bay remains damaged.

They blame government regulators and big business for polluting the bay, leading to a small catch.

The whole thing is a vicious cycle and nobody is protecting our sea life,” complained Danny Richards, whose family owned the popular Sea Breeze Restaurant in Tampa for decades.

State officials say the toxic water from Piney Point didn’t cause the recent red tide bloom, but it may have made the bloom worse. That doesn’t ring true with this group.

They say red tide in the bay is very rare. And they believe Piney Point, along with releases of sewage and other spills in recent years, have pushed the bay to a tipping point that threatens the existence of the bay’s commercial fishing industry that’s been dwindling for years.

It’s been awful,” agreed commercial fisherman and crabber Ricky Powers Sr. “A year and a half we haven’t made any money. We’re living off savings but it’s almost gone. Something’s got to be done that, number one, helps the bay.

If not, say these fishermen, there won’t be a future for the youngest among them here.

All of them believe the millions of fish that were killed in the bay in late June and early July might have been a prelude of what the future holds for their industry and the bay’s environment.

If this is true, then our future is grim. Prepare for the worst! [Fox 13]

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  5. Florida’s beaches even in the panhandle are not as clean as the 70’s 80’s, we no longer go there, instead go to the springs in the panhandle (Ponce de Leon st park).

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