US declares first-ever Colorado River water shortage – Arizona and Nevada affected

Water cuts are coming to Arizona and Nevada after the US declared the first-ever Colorado River water shortage
US declares the first-ever Colorado River water shortage: Water cuts are coming to Arizona and Nevada… Picture: John Locher

For the first time ever, the US federal government has declared a water shortage on the Colorado River.

That’s because Lake Mead, the nation’s largest reservoir, is lower than it’s ever been. It provides water to 25 million people across Arizona, Nevada, California, and Mexico, but as of Monday it’s at just 1,067 feet above sea level – about 35% full.

Before you continue reading, I would like to introduce a new and great documentary film all about vanishing water and its dramatic consequences around the world.

What does the Colorado water shortage mean?

The federal water-shortage declaration means that Arizona and Nevada will face mandatory water cut-backs in January. The cuts will mostly affect farmers in Arizona; the state will lose about one-fifth of the water it normally gets from the river.

It’s very significant,” explains Brad Udall, senior water and climate scientist at Colorado State University. “It’s something that those of us in the climate community have been worried about for over a decade, based on declining flows and increasing droughts.

Drought Monitor, which tracks such conditions across the country. Last week, 26.5% of the country was in “extreme” or “exceptional” drought.

Such droughts will probably become more common and more intense as global temperatures continue to rise in the coming decades. Rising temperatures will also reduce the snowpack that would normally replenish the Colorado River every year. That could lead to more severe water cutbacks.

The water-shortage declaration came with an August report from the US Bureau of Reclamation, which projected that Lake Mead would not rise back above 1,075 feet by January. Under a set of Colorado River guidelines established in 2007, that low forecast is considered a shortage condition.

The new restrictions for Arizona and Nevada are the first tier of cuts under those guidelines. [BI]

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  1. worshiping the creation rather than the Creator…in California i have watched a video in which the state dumps 1 trillion gallons of water every year due to some species of animal. i haven’t looked it up but that shouldn’t be surprising…but in fact let me see if i can see if this be so…well according to this site it is so, “”.

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      —Galatians 5:19-21

  3. “It’s very significant,” explains Brad Udall, senior water and climate scientist at Colorado State University. “It’s something that those of us in the climate community have been worried about for over a decade, based on declining flows and increasing droughts.”

    Thank you for quoting a genuine climate scientist. They know this is due to increased CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and they know that the only way this will be solved is for the US to immediately halt unnecessary motor vehicle activity and force all vehicle owners to replace with electric or have their vehicles confiscated.

    They also know that all fossil fuel consumption inside the US must be halted at once, including both at home and in the factories. Citizens who do not comply must be made to pay a heavy price.

    And for this to work, the climate scientists know that our wrongfully maligned esteemed President, President Joe Biden along with our esteemed Vice President, Vice President Kamala Harris, must both go to the UN Security Council and hand control of the US over to that body, so that universal CO2 reduction will finally take place, under the helpful guidance of UN police and UN military who can lend the most support to finally bringing this horrid chapter of world history, of US enslavement of the entire world, to its final end.

    The best of this will be a friendlier, kinder, more gentle world, one of peace and harmony, disease finally brought under control with free universal vaccination programs, equality regardless of ones race or gender preference and freedom at last from the drudgery of useless work, replaced by a universal basic income, so that one and all, equally, may engage in life’s good things.

    Thank you for pointing out the facts behind global climate change, what is at the root cause and what we must do in order to solve this problem.

    I hope soon we all step into a bright new golden age, free from fossil fuel consumption and all the good things that flow forth from more equality being spread throughout the world.

  4. Wait till the forced relocation of the millions of Californians, and the other states, when they run out of water.

  5. All those folks in Nevada seem to think it is just fine to have grassy lawns and a pool in every backyard. Then there is Calif sucking up huge amounts of the Colorado it irrigate the desert for crops, yet they let their own rivers flow into the ocean because it is the greeny thing to do, maybe for saving a frog or some such thing-all the while using mammouth amounts to put out fires because they won’t clean out the underbrush in the forests. Yep, let’s blame Arizona instead.

  6. Climate psuedoscientific bullshjit. This is a man made crisis intended to punish farmers in AZ. That’s in the flatland part of the state. They don’t like the audit results coming in, and so they will try and terrorize taxpayers!

    Burn in h3ll, for eternity!

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