5 Amazing places that you must see before you abandon the world 


Do you love appreciating the natural beauty or spending time there? If yes, you are missing some incredible places to pay a visit to. Some of them are unusual in that they appear to be impossible to exist except in fairy tales. 

Roaming around your favorite places is now possible just the way china post has proven cross-border delivery. This article is all designed to show magical places that exist in this world. 

Read this out till the bottom line and enjoy knowing what you’ve been missing ever since. 

  • China’s Tianzi Mountain

No other highest mountain can fascinate people who have climbed even once the Tianzi mountain. This is the most beautiful mountain located in one of the provinces of China. The magnificent aura of this mountain gives a panoramic view of the whole surrounding area of Wulingyuan. 

For the people wondering what they can do at peak; the imperial bushes give the best scenic view to the visitors. These scenarios are natural and primeval, with no handmade touches. Studies say that these peaks are the formation of Neptune rocks that formed in the ocean years ago.

  • Enchanted River of Philippines

One of the cleanest rivers of the Philippines is named The Hinatuan River, now famous as the Enchanted River across the world. The color of its water looks like natural bluish and it flows straight to the Pacific Ocean. The unbelievable beauty of this river makes people think that its photos on the internet are majorly photoshopped. 

People are allowed to visit whenever they want but they need to leave the place for one hour so that fish can be fed. For people who wish to visit water places, this place is a must-see for them. 

  • Christ of the Abyss

A sculpture of Jesus Christ that is positioned underwater and is about 9 feet tall. The memorial is made out of bronze, and it is an outstanding place among divers. It is an extremely unusual sight, particularly if you love going deep in the water.

The sculpture itself was carved by Guido Galletti and it exists between Camogli and Portofino, in the Mediterranean Sea. So, if you are skilled in diving, then go once.  

  • The Road to Heaven 

Are you one of the fastest and most trained climbers? If yes, this track is for you man! The road is especially devoted only to adrenaline users. A very lean wooden road that ascends a mountain in China, enclosed by a beautiful panorama with nothing but a tea house waiting for you at the end. 

We are including this in your bucket so that you must think about your next trip schedule. It’s guaranteed that most of you will feel enthusiastic just imagining a place like this. Most commonly known as the Road to Heaven. The height of this track is enough to make you feel dizzy. However, it would be worth enough to give it a try.  

  • Sand Beach in Pink Hue 

If you ever decide to visit the Bahamas, this sand beach should be on top of the list of places you wish to visit. The thing that stands out about this beach is its color, which is pink.

The reason behind this pink color is that the sand is a mixture of several minerals and plankton. No more such beaches exist on planet earth and undeniably this one is the most breathtaking of all others.

Bottom line: 

The number of places that add charm to our eyes is innumerable. But few of them are just impossible to avoid paying a visit to, so you must look at all of them and enjoy them while being in awe of their beauty.

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