Chemtrail cover-up: Mysterious trail in the sky over Alaska – Officials classify the sighting as being a contrail


Something big made a wild trail into the mountains north of Anchorage, Alaska. People are reporting an helicopter and a rescue crew flying after it. Officials and state troopers put out saying its just an airplane contrail. LOL!

Mysterious object flying in the sky over Alaska
Mysterious object flying in the sky over Alaska. This view was taken from Palmer around 7:10 or 7:15 a.m. by Mattias Ahlvin

When Mattias Ahlvin walked out of his house in Palmer to start his car Thursday morning, he saw something unusual in the sky.

I looked up and I saw this strange — I mean, I would just call it a smoke column. It was a dark, gray streak across the sky that was going straight vertical,” he said.

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Ahlvin pulled out his phone, zoomed in, and snapped a few photos of what he saw. His first thought was that it was a plane, but what surprised him was the direction the streak or plane seemed to be headed.

It looked like it was going straight down,” he said.

Law enforcement and a meteorologist with the National Weather Service say that what Ahlvin saw was likely a condensation trail from an airplane that was illuminated by the rising sun.

Ahlvin reached out to Alaska State Troopers to share the images of what he saw just in case it was an aircraft in distress, and his wife, Elisabeth, posted the photos to a local Facebook page asking if anyone knew what it was.

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Others posted similar photos and speculated whether they were looking at a rocket launch, a meteor, a plane crash, a volcano or perhaps a military operation.

What is this strange funneling cloud in the sky over Alaska? This view was taken from the Colony High School parking lot at around 7:15 a.m. by Christine Spinelli

A few hours later, troopers publicly addressed their investigation into the sighting.

Troopers believe that the photos and videos showed a contrail from the commercial jet combined with the rising sun which together caused the unique atmospheric sight. We greatly appreciate the numerous Alaskans that reported the suspicious sight this morning to law enforcement,” they wrote in an online advisory.

Alaska officials say it was a contrail…

A commercial jet had apparently been flying in the area around the time the photos were taken, troopers said — and that plane was reporting normal flight operations en route to New York.

A rescue team on a helicopter flew a mission around the Lazy Mountain area this morning and located nothing suspicious and there were no signs of crashed aircraft,” troopers wrote.

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Eddie Zingone, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Anchorage, said that the troopers’ explanation tracks with what he knows about condensation trails — also known as contrails, which are clouds of water vapor produced by aircraft traveling at high altitudes.

First of all, how thick it is on one side — the bottom left part is much thicker, which is what we’d expect,” he said.

There was also a lot of moisture in the atmosphere on Thursday morning, which can lead to condensation trails developing, Zingone said.

Looking at the photos, it looks like the plane may have just gone through a cloud, and then was “really, really accentuated in the rising sun,” which could also help explain the phenomenon, he added.

It was just a very vivid contrail is the best that we can guess on that,” he said.

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Ahlvin said he thought the troopers’ explanation of what happened made sense — and that after dozens of social media comments on the photos he’d taken, it was reassuring to hear an answer from an official source.

They say that the the easiest explanation is usually the correct one,” he said. “But it’s always hard on social media to know what’s true. And so I appreciate the troopers putting up a statement clarifying and confirming for sure.” [ADN]

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  1. “Troopers believe . . .”

    That is not what it appears to me —- I am baffled but all the troopers I have come into contact over the years were dumber than dog nuts!

  2. It’s a con and it’s a trail. Hence, contrail. The catchall term for anything unusual happening in the sky that the serfs don’t deserve to know about.

  3. The 2nd photo from the high school looks nothing like a flying 747. it looks like a flailing falling smoldering balloon going down. You can even see where it interrupts the cloud layer creating a ring like opening as it spirals downward. Did anyone even confirm it was possibly pointing in the direction of NY (SE of Alaska). This is either fake or we’re being lied to as USUAL .

  4. Chemtrails for sure!! Most of them cops come from a masonic Disney cult founder knights templar!supporters like clintons soros Rothschild etc ! This department is either stupid or covering it up like epa is !besides you can also go to in search box type chemtrails!or haarp weather modification! This spraying is all over here in Illinois they are weapons to cause hot cold rain snow to destroy plant life and crops to further their new world order agenda !they spray metals etc coal ash!graphene oxide! Etc then send frequency from cell towers and radar Doppler or and haarp machine then it causing changes in temps well may cause the clouds to look like sand waves in the sky! This kills birds they can call from the sky as we have seen! It is also causing lung issues on us all breathing metals barrium.aluminum and other metals lithium to test the soil or rain water from almost any location it’s all over sadly! This is attempting murder on all life !trees!animals! And crops! It needs to stop and the only way to do this is to expose their coverup lies!!asap!! So God help us this is no joke research from the info giving!glad this site reported this cause many have failed us to do so

  5. Well, sounds plausible. At first I thought it might be a missile trail, but those look different than the pictures.

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