Freak hailstorm causes chaos in Mexico City (videos and pictures)


Mexico City was pummeled by an intense hailstorm on Sunday. There was chaos on the roads as a thick blanket of ice formed over the asphalt. Several homes and business were damaged by the severe weather.

A hail storm left Mexico City in chaos Sunday, knocking down trees, flooding streets and causing the collapse of a supermarket’s ceiling.

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Like a tsunami of ice…

traffic chaos…

Impressive rivers of hail in the streets of the capital of Mexico…

The storm affected 10 boroughs of the Mexican capital as a yellow alert was issued by the mayor.

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A shopper was inside the Soriana supermarket and recorded several rows of the zinc roof came crashing down before running out for safety.

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  2. HAARP IS RESPONSIBLE FOR IT.. CA earth quake warning for Southern CA death valley heat indicators are 7.0 is imminent?

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