Mysterious pink glow in the sky over Mildura, Australia in videos and pictures


After RED lights in the North Pacific Ocean, now the sky turned PINK over Mildura, Australia…

Mysterious pink glow in Australia
Mysterious pink glow in Australia … Aliens or not?

It was a regular Wednesday evening in the sleepy town of Mildura in northern Victoria, Australia, until residents realised that the night sky was bathed in a mysterious pink glow.

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The unusual sighting was attributed to unusual factors – alien invasion for one.

But in a rather anticlimactic explanation for the phenomenon, a local cannabis facility has been found to be the source of the eerie pink glow.

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As per The Guardian, a pharmaceutical company Cann Group has come forward to confirm that the lights were coming from its local medicinal cannabis facility. They explained that the pink light had escaped when the “blackout blinds had been left open.”

Explaining the pink hue of the light, Rhys Cohen, senior communications manager at Cann Group Ltd, told The Guardian that different spectrums of light are used to encourage the growth of cannabis plants, of which red spectrum light is often used. “Normally the facility would have blackout blinds that come down at night, and will in the future block that glow.

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Peter Crock, CEO of Cann Group Ltd spoke to ABC Mildura-Swan Hill Breakfast and confirmed it. “Normally, the blackout blinds close at the same time as the sun sets, but last night we had the lights on and the blinds hadn’t yet closed, so there was a period where it created a glow,” Mr Crock said.

Despite the rather mundane explanation, the story is not without its share of secrets. Cann Group claims to be the first Australian company to procure required licences for cannabis cultivation for medicinal and research purposes. So far, the company has not disclosed the location of its facility. Despite the incidence of pink light on Wednesday, the company continues to keep the exact location of the facility under wraps.

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In conclusion, some residents of the southeastern Australian town of Mildura thought they were being invaded by aliens Wednesday night, due to a mysterious pink glow in the sky. Instead, somebody forgot to pulls the shades down on the grow lights at a local cannabis facility. [NDTV] has been banned from ad networks and is now entirely reader-supported CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT MY WORK… I will send you a small gemstone if you give more than 25$… Thanks in advance!

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  1. The irony of the guy’s last name shouldn’t escape us (Crock).
    I don’t know exactly what we are looking at but I hardly believe some grow lights are bright enough to go out the windows and straight up into the sky with such intensity.
    Do these people think we are utterly retarded? Guess so.

  2. Direction of light appears to be from the ground straight up. We get same color skies in the mountains near sunset. Usually when there are forest fires looking west. It’s less magenta and more orange in color regarding fires. When the dope factory closed the dark out blinds, did the phenomenon go away?

  3. Iron Oxide dust from the tail of Nibiru. It has a huge cloud of this stuff attached to it because of its powerful magnetic field. 23 times greater than the Earth’s. And because it travels through the solar system it collects it. As it approaches, it slows down and that cloud wafts in front and some of it contacts the Earth’s atmosphere and drifts down. This causes the phenomena shown in the ocean and sky. There have been many lakes and rivers in last couple of years turn red overnight. In the Bible it talks about the waters turning to blood. This is what it’s referring to. Harbinger of the End Times.

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