Insane 12-hour blizzard shuts down Canada’s North – First extreme snowstorm of the season!

snow blizzard in Northern Canada
snow blizzard in Northern Canada

With the start of winter less than two months away, we’re starting to see more weather reflective of the upcoming season across the country.

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We recently saw significant snowfall across Western Canada, hindering travel and causing power outages. It came as quite the shock for many residents on the Prairies after summer-like warmth had gripped parts of the region just days beforehand.

On Friday, it was Nunavut’s turn. The remote Northern Canada region was hit with a major winter storm — its first blizzard of the season. The storm brought howling 100+ km/h winds, significant snow and blizzard conditions to southeastern areas of Baffin Island and nearby marine regions.

A Canadian Coast Guard ship reported a wind gust of 94 km/h near Killiniq Island while Iqaluit saw 12 hours of blizzard conditions, which shut down many community services including schools.

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The visibility was dramatically reduced because of a potent low-pressure system. The deep low pressure of 965 hPa allowed a strong, northwesterly wind to whip up snow. Maximum sustained winds hit 90 km/h, but there were even stronger gusts recorded, as high as 144 km/h in Resolution Island, according to a summary from Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC).

Other notable observed gusts included 124 km/h in Brevoort, 106 km/h in Iqaluit and 96 km/h in Kimmirut.

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  1. Yep, same thing happened when I moved to Minnesota decades ago. I walked into a store, and came out and there was a blizzard right near the end of October. That’s when it starts, and all you do is shovel snow and burn logs until February. -42° windchills blow so hard that even if you are wearing themals and layers, you can feel the wind piercing through your threads. People have to use block heaters on their engines so the vehicle will start in the morning, and scrape ice off the windshield every fricken morning. Lol. However, snow is good. You can track game easy, and brown fur on a white backdrop is easy to see. Or go ice fishing? Play Pinnocle? People drink, not me, but they do alot.

  2. maybe even alaska, in a small cabin I build myself on some land out in the woods. I love snow, I love that way of life. But no vax, no pcr test, no travel so im stuck here.

    • Do it. I quit cities seven years ago, and never went back. Don’t miss it. I got 40 acres, and a site-built home, made of steel, timber, and stone. Mortgages are crappy now, so jump on it before they hit double-digits.

  3. I would like to live there. fish, hunt, fell trees and chop firewood, stock supplies. candle or kerosene for lighting, reading and studing the Holy Bible.I could write, wood carvings and flintknapp. just me and the Lord God almighty.

      • And buy three of everything you use like tools, can opener, rice cooker, scissors, foods, etc… get a few axes, mauls, and hatchets. Those are always used alot, and when crap breaks you will be glad you have your backup stuff.

      • If you get land, then walk all your acres and bow hunt for a week. That way you see every bush, and find out all the hiding places. Mark each spot with four small boulders. One boulder on top of the three, that way you will have markers, and can plan ahead. Also, it lets poachers know somebody walks around out there on your acres, and will go elsewhere. Trust me, people try to do really stupid crap offgrid. The good thing—you can shoot tresspassers.

    • Yep! It’s nice to live in the bush… I did it when I was 18. 1 year along the Fraser River in Canada… One of the best experience in my life… Pretty frightening too… But would recommend it to anybody…

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