Update: Avian flu surges around the world from Chile to Japan and Belgium


Avian flu is spreading around the world, with increasing numbers of infected birds and mammals.

This could be exacerbated in the coming months when migratory season begins, potentially disrupting food chains, and bringing more exposure of the virus to humans.

Psyop: The worst case scenario would be that the virus adapts to better spread between humans, sparking a new epidemic/pandemic. Governments are looking into vaccinating poultry to dampen economic damage caused by mass culling.

Here are the latest reports:

Where do you think this will all end?

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  1. The goobermunts world wide will over react and needlessly kill birds. Instead of letting the healthy ones gain natural immunity, causing egg and poultry prices to rise.
    Please plan accordingly.

    • That is exactly what I do. I isolate the sick bird, and treat it. Unfortunately, whatever virus is being circulated is devastating. 99% die within 24 hours. Just burried my Alpha male, 8 year old Roman goose and planted a nice cherry tree on him. Sucks too. He was a smart and friendly Roman, which is rare. Also, his best buddy (crippled from fighting) is barking mad now. Upset the whole applecart.

  2. Japan has become the most unhealthy and dangerous place to raise children in East Asia (except perhaps the PRC as the sole exception). Japanese angrily/seemingly blame Koreans (north and south) for their children’s e.ff.ed up futures and poor health, when their schools squat toilets have no privacy, causing poor children to have to withhold BMs and #1.

  3. This season is same as last few. Migratory birds crapped in the feed pile, and my favorite goose and hen died. Happens every year. It sucks. Redchinesey and our homegrown devil-worshipping traitors probably want a zoonotic virus so they can create a new scamdemic with bioweaponized pharma-sorcery kill shots. I read a report the evil bastards are already working on a new avaian flu fake vax too. I hope they all die a miserable death and burn in hell. They all have dicknoses too. Once I see the dicknose, I automatically mark them as demonseeds!

  4. I don’t believe anything from the lame stream media of “gov agencies”.
    There is no bird flu unless it was injected. The wicked are planning to cull more of our food supply and create another scamdemic.

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