We’re not saying it’s aliens… But what are these weird things flying in the sky over Milwaukee! Around 4:43 a.m. on Tuesday morning the news team at WITI took a look at one of their tower cameras and saw something odd flying in the sky over downtown Milwaukee.

What was it? One theory involves seagulls. A big flock of seagulls was present near the Milwaukee County Courthouse. But there are plenty of people who are questioning this theory – because what’s seen on the video just doesn’t seem to act like birds flying around.

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In video: Strange things flying in the sky of Milwaukee. via Youtube

So what do you think are those weird things flying in the sky over downtown Milwaukee?

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WQAD, Youtube


  1. These are not meteor either because they would crash. These are UFO i saw it many states and to my knowledge they are UFO
    and will come here to conquer earth and New World Order. They will come soon here to own us. That is why elites are in a undergrounds. Absolutely are UFO sightings. Same as in Mexico? Tehran, Baghdad and Europe.and Africa to China.

  2. Thank you, Fox News! Galactic Federation of Light said some courageous TV station will disclose Galactic Force existence. That is Fox News. I know the beautiful Chinese ex-wife of Rupert Murdoc is from Galactic Federation of Light. She gave me a message “I want you to disclose many things including 3rd dimensional Matrix and Galactic Federation of Light existence.” She married with him in order to change Fox TV from inside so that Fox TV is going to be the one to disclose the Galactic Federation of Light existence including Ashtar Command, Archangel Michael, and some other upper dimensional beings are here on the Earth for the big change.

    • Even if they are those who you say… Didn`t you know that THEY have created the 3rd dimensional Matrix and THEY are the biggest friends of NWO and illuminati…? Or rather… they WERE…

      Because this federation has been totally wiped out by forces of Lucifer and by Reptilians in 5th dimension and in big part of 4th…

      Your “friends” have betrayed you, and left your soul alone here in Matrix, and you still belive they are your friends and come to bring some great good… Stockholm Syndrome or something…?


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