Thursday, January 19, 2017

Boglosof upgraded to red alert, Sabancaya to orange alert, Fuego explodes 4-6 times/hours, Nevado del Ruiz increasing unstability

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Boglosof upgraded to red alert, Sabancaya to orange alert, Fuego explodes 4-6 times/hours, Nevado del Ruiz increasing unstability. The volcanic unrest continues. Boglosof volcano, USA Seismic data from nearby islands detected a...

Volcanic eruptions at Colima (Mexico), Sabancaya (Peru) , Etna (Italy) and Kilauea (Hawaii, USA) on January 1-2 2017

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On the first day of 2017, different volcanoes exploded around the world. Strong explosions were reported at Colima (Mexico), Sabancaya (Peru) and Sinabung (Indonesia), while enhanced activity was observed at...

Almost deadly lava delta collapse closes Kamokuna ocean entry at Kilauea, Hawaii

delta collapse Kamokuna Ocean Entry, delta collapse Kamokuna Ocean Entry picture, delta collapse Kamokuna Ocean Entry december 31 2016, lava delta collapse Kamokuna Ocean Entry kilauea eruption, A large plume of rock debris and gas from the Kamokuna lava ocean entry within Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, just after the lava delta began to collapse
A large section of the 26-acre lava delta formed by the 61g lava flow collapsed into the ocean around 2:45 p.m. on December 31, 2016. The huge subsidence launched showers...

Worldwide volcanic unrest confirmed: Again 13 different volcanoes are erupting right now

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Worldwide volcanic unrest is confirmed by the Smithsonian Institution - Global Volcanism Program weekly. Again 13 different volcanic eruptions have been mentioned in the weekly report by GVP dated 21-27 December...

Campi Flegrei, Sakurajima, Pavlof, Popocatépetl: The volcanic activity is strengthening around the world

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Volcanoes Campi Flegrei in Italy, Sakurajima in Japan, Pavlof in Alaska, Popocatépetl in Mexico and Turrialba in Costa Rica among others showed signs of reawakening in the last semester...

Earth and Sky united: Large fireball explodes over erupting Turrialba volcano (video)

fireball turrialba volcano eruption, fireball turrialba volcano eruption video, fireball volcano eruption, A fireball exploded over the erupting Turrialba volcano on December 27, 2016video
Earth and Sky were literally united on December 27, 2016. A large fireball was recorded disintegrating over the erupting Turrialba volcano in Costa Rica. Awesome! Witnessing a volcanic eruption is a...

Another Boom Bada Boom: Mount Bulusan erupts sending ash 2 km in the air

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Mount Bulusan, Philippines, has spewed a 2-kilometer ash plume on December 29, 2016. The phreatic or steam-driven eruption happened at around 2:40 p.m. Ashfall affected Barangay (village) Bolos in Irosin...

Red Alert at Bogoslof Volcano, 6 explosions at Colima volcano and enhanced volcanic activity around the world

Colima eruption on December 27,
After a small Christmas break, volcanoes are rumbling again around the world. On December 27, 2016, the Aviation Color Code and the Alert Level at Bogoslof Volcano were raised to...

13 different volcanoes are currently erupting – And it’s not near to an end

Sabancaya eruption on Christmas Day 2016, sabancaya volcano peru, volcano eruption, volcanic eruptionvideo
13 different volcanoes are currently erupting around the world. And it's not near to an end! Each week, new volcanic peaks are entering an enhanced volcanic period around the world. Here are...

Explosive eruptions at Bogoslof, Alaska and Fuego, Guatemala

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Two explosive eruptions have been reported at Bogoslof volcano, Alaska and Fuego volcano, Guatemala yesterday. The worldwide volcanic unrest continues. Bogoslof volcano, Aleutian Island, Alaska A short-lived explosive eruption of Bogoslof volcano...

Two spectacular explosions at Colima volcano on December 20, 2016 (video)

Two spectacular explosions were recorded at Colima volcano at 5:05 y 7:49 am on December 20, 2016. The power of nature! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

There are some baby volcanoes brewing below the surface of New England

New Hampshire Might Have Volcanoes One Day, new england volcano, new hampshire volcano, New Hampshire: Future Volcano Hot Spot, new hampshire volcano, blob of magma under new england,video
There are some baby volcanoes brewing under New England. That's what scientists discovered while studying a bog of hot magma 60 miles below the surface of New England. I would not be...