Sunday, September 24, 2017

Old Faithful Geyser erupts after M3.1 earthquake hits Yellowstone National Park

old faithful geyser earthquake september 16 2017, old faithful geyser earthquake september 16 2017 video, old faithful geyser earthquake september 16 2017 pictures, earthquakeproduces old faithful geyser eruption september 16 2017, A M 3.1 earthquake hit south of Old Faithful Geyser, Wyoming on September 16 2017video
The Old Faithful Geyser in Wyoming erupted after a M3.1 earthquake hit Yellowstone National Park on September 16, 2017. A new sign from the enhanced seismic activity at Yellowstone right...

Still 1.9 million homes and businesses in Florida without power 5 days after Hurricane Irma

Nearly 2 million homes and businesses, mostly in Florida, without power in Irma's wakevideo
About 1.9 million homes and businesses in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas remained without power from Hurricane Irma on September 15, 2017. This means five days after the deadly storm...

Where and when rivers flooded from Hurricane Irma in Florida (video)

I am sure you wanna know where and when rivers flooded from Hurricane Irma. Well here the video to help you visualize it. Here again: In the map submitted to Reddit, the...

When two disasters saved Earth from a worse one

pinatubo eruption, pinatubo eruption typhoonvideo
In June 1991 the Philippine volcano, Mount Pinatubo, exploded producing one of the greatest volcanic eruptions in the 20th Century. But what is less commonly known is that if Typhoon...

For the second year in a row, as a large hurricane threatens the United States a strange face appears in satellite imagery of Irma

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For the second year in a row, as a large hurricane threatens the United States, some swear they see a face in satellite imagery of the storm. The face reminds...

Water recedes for as far as the eyes can see after Hurricane Irma leaves Long Island, Bahamas

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After Brazil and Uruguay, Irma took all the ocean waters in Long Island, Bahamas. Bible prophecies are being played out right in the Caribbean. Kelly Johnson wirtes on the shared video:...

Giant earth cracks split in half Jáltipan, Mexico after M8.1 earthquake and tropical storm Katia hit Veracruz

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Mexico was hit by tropical storm Katia less than 24 hours after the most powerful earthquake that hit the country in the last 100 years - a devastating 8.1...

Hurricane Irma ravages the Virgin Islands (video)

For those who are still unsure if they should or not leave Florida. Just watch the consequences of Hurricane Irma, after it ravaged the Virgin Islands. Listen to the terrifying sound...

The terrifying sound of Hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma is currently devastating several caribbean islands one after the other. And the sound of destruction accompanying the Category 5 storm is terrifying, apocalyptic. Have a prayer for all those...

Two synchronous fire tornadoes photographed during Elko Fire in Nevada

two smoke tornadoes nevada, two fire tornado elko fire nevada, smoke vortex elko usa, These two wildfire smoke tornadoes were captured by Kevin Dinwiddie on September 17th above Elko, Nevada, as the E fire continues burning., elko nevada fires, wildfire elko nevada september 2017
WOW! Look at these two fire whirls on the 'E' fire caught on September 7, 2017 near Lamoille summit outside Elko! The "E" Fire broke out on Elko Mountain below the...

Hurricanes trigger earthquake: Three hurricanes churning in the Atlantic produce M8.2 earthquake on Pacific coast of Mexico

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Can hurricanes produce earthquakes? Since a few days, there are several hurricanes sweeping in the Atlantic and yesterday, a M8.2 earthquake on Pacific coast of Mexico. Are these events related? Scientists...

May God protect us all: Irma becomes most powerful hurricane ever recorded in Atlantic

hurricane irma, irma hurricane path, Path of Hurricane Irma, irma, hurricane irmavideo
The most powerful Atlantic Ocean hurricane in recorded history bore down on the islands of the north-east Caribbean. Leeward Islands of Antigua and Barbuda braced for category 5 storm, which...

Neapolis discovery in Tunisia: Huge ‘Tsunami-Sunk’ Roman ruins found underwater in Tunisia

Neapolis, Neapolis discovery, Roman underwater ruins discovered in Tunisia, Neapolis discovery tunisia, tsunami sunk roman ruins tunisia, archaeologists diving in Tunisia waters at the site of the ancient Roman city of Neapolisvideo
Twenty hectares of the remains of Roman ruins under the sea have been discovered in Nabeul, Tunisia. This is a major archeological discovery which confirms ancient stories that a tsunami...

The biggest wildfire in Los Angeles history looks like a giant volcanic eruption

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The La Tuna Fire has now became the largest blaze by acreage in Los Angeles city history. And the apocalyptic fire looks like a giant volcanic ash cloud. Fueled by hot...

Texas reservoirs and rivers continue to swell from Harvey (video)

This is bad... And Houston could disappear! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Lost spanish town emerges from the deep after 60 years submerged in water

village emerges underwater spain drought, City in Spain emerges from underwater due to continuous drought, village emerges underwater spain drought video, village emerges underwater spain drought picturesvideo
And suddenly a lost Spanish town has emerged from the deep. Old ruins of Mansilla de la Sierra normally hidden beneath waters of a massive reservoir have been revealed following...

After extreme water receding, Atlantic tidal storm floods Punta del Este, Uruguay with sea foam

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Two weeks ago, the water had almost disappeared along the beaches of Punta del Este, Uruguay, baffling residents and officials. Now, a powerful Atlantic storm with giant waves is currently...

Downtown Houston is gone if Addicks Reservoir breaks (video)

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Barker and Addick reservoirs are filling rapidly, nearing capacity for the first time, putting thousands of homes and entire communities at risk. A controlled release will begin tonight at 2am....

These before and after pictures of Houston catastrophic floods are just terrifying

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Here some before and after pictures of the catastrophic floods that engulfed Houston after being hit by hurricane Harvey. Terrifying! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Be prepared: Harvey strengthens into hurricane as Texas takes cover

hurricane Harvey, hurricane Harvey texas, hurricane Harvey hits texas august 2017, hurricane Harvey video, hurricane Harvey texas video august 2017video
The U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC) upgraded Harvey to a hurricane from a tropical storm on Thursday afternoon. They added it would strengthen into a Category 3 hurricane before hitting...