Friday, December 9, 2016

Scary clouds and hailstones the size of tennis balls hit south-east Queensland

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Just the beginning of wild weather in Queensland. 6000 lightning strikes, heavy hail and strong winds cut power to 7,000 as more storms are predicted for today. If you are in...

Fantastic lenticular cloud awes Sheregesh at sunset

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A cloud type that spawns tall tales almost as much as Sasquatch is known to linger over peaks in the Cascade Range. Sometimes called “UFO clouds,” these saucer-shaped formations are...

Enhanced sprite activity end of November 2016 over Spain

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In the last 10 days, an enhanced sprite activety is reported in the sky from Spain due to strong lightning storms. Fire in the sky! Thunderstorms are ferocious natural phenomena. Crackles of...

Earliest noctilucent cloud season start in Antarctica on record

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We are jumping from anomaly to anomaly. This year, the southern hemisphere noctilucent clouds (NLC) season is the earliest southern hemisphere season on record... tied with 2013. The 2016/17 southern hemisphere...

Freak double halo around November’s Supermoon

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That's one of the most incredible picture I have personally seen from the November 14's Super Duper Moon. Unbelievable! As explained by the photographer Boris Vakhmistrov: 'I've witnessed a powerful atmospheric...

Anomalous ring cloud over Warwickshire, UK

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Look at this! Look at this anomalous cloud ring in the sky of A mystery in the clouds Warwickshire, England. Do you have any answers to this mysterious formation? There was...

Mysterious double flash baffles officials and residents of Surgut

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What was this bright mysterious double flash taht lit up the sky over Surgut on Monday, November 21,2016, at about 10 pm? An active discussion about this unusual phenomenon has started...

Extremely rare fogbow appears during storm Angus in the Scottish mountains

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This extremely rare fogbow appeared suddenly during Storm Angus in the Scottish mountains. The strange but beautiful white rainbow was captured by photographer Melvin Nicholson while walking on Rannoch Moor. Have...

Two extremely bright fireballs over Spain within 12 hours – Meteor after Fukushima earthquake – Giant ball of fire in Florida

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Signs in the sky! Two extremely bright fireballs disintegrated over Spain within 12 hours on November 18, 2016. Moreover, a teenager recorded a meteor shortly after yesterday's Fukushima earthquake and...

The return of the big Coronal Hole: A new front of arctic auroras ahead?

The big Coronal Hole on the sun is back again. And could spark strong geomagnetic storms and Arctic auroras as it is turning toward Earth again. At the end of October,...

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