Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Incredible lightning show electrifies Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Florida

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Look at these incredible lightning pictures from Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Florida a few nights ago. What a spectacular show shot by Justin Battles! Powerful! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Mysterious bright red light flies over Dunedin, New Zealand baffling stargazers

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What is this mysterious red light streaking through the night sky over Dunedin, New Zealand on July 18, 2016? For a meteor the disintegration path is too long. So what about...

Contrail shadows and beautiful feather at sunset near Liverpool

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Sometimes mysterious clouds and black lines cover sunset skies. Look at these strange contrail shadows and this awesome feather appearing in the sky of Liverpool at sunset. Awesome toxicity! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Very loud sonic boom from the sky rattles houses in Florida. Meteor fireball?

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A very loud sonic boom was reported across middle Florida on July 18, 2016. Was it a meteor fireball exploding over the Sunshine State? The mystery remains. A loud and mysterious...

Mysterious glowing object over Russia baffles stargazers

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What is this mysterious glowing object moving in the sky of Russia on July 16, 2016? Could it be a UFO? A bright but slow asteroid? Or just the exhaust...

A gigantic hole has just formed on the sun

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A gigantic hole just opened up on the sun. Such coronal holes appear from time to time and are perfectly normal. Even if they look totally scary. This time it is not just a...

Giant shadows of Mount Rainier at sunset

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All objects cast shadows and so do mountains like Mount Rainier. And this particular volcanic peak displays a peculiar behavior: It cast shadows not on the ground, but up in...

That’s a really big one!

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This very strange cloud was spotted in the sky of Miami, Florida on July 10, 2016. And these girls are kind of shocked... It's not everyday you see that! The sky in...

Planet with three suns discovered – Triple sunrises and sunsets on the same day

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Astronomers have discovered a planet with three suns and a huge orbit -- each year there is 550 earth years. This is believed to be just the fifth such discovery. During...

148 meteors reported by NASA’s All Sky Fireball Network over the USA on July 9, 2016

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Every night, NASA’s All Sky Fireball Network scans the skies above the United States for meteoritic fireballs. On July 9, 2016, the network reported 148 fireballs. Pretty amazing! Source of the...

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