Underground methane gas explosion kills 18 miners at a coal pit in northern Russia – February 11 2013


The Vorkutinskaya mine in Russia's northern Komi region.

At least 18 miners were killed during an underground methane gas explosion at the Vorkutinskaya mine in the Komi region (Northern Russia) on February 11 2013. Most of the 250 miners working at the pit at the time of the blast could recue themselves. The cause of the explosion remains unknown. Negligence? Failure? Safety violation? Well I think officials will determine the cause being a drunk worker that actually died during the explosion. No really? The file will be easily closed! Indeed, Putin and the coal company do not want that this deadly explosion renews concerns about safety at Russia’s ageing pits, where accidents are common, often because of methane explosions. – Reuters

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