Unexplained fire and manhole underground explosions, this time in Atlanta, Georgia – February 18 2013


Are manhole underground explosions normal? Let me doubt it. But they occur always more in different cities and states along or near the New Madrid fault. The Earth is awakening! Be safe!

Residents of Atlanta heard loud booms at around 7 p.m. on Monday. At the origin of those manhole explosions are cable lines that caught fire. The cables run from manhole to manhole. This resulted in many businesses having no power! Well let me tell you that for them, it was a dark monday! The pressure from the fire caused about five manhole covers, weighing about 425 pounds each, to blow off or even to crack in half. The origin of this fire is unknown. An official explanation would be that the cables rubbed against each other from the vibrations of cars above. – WSBTV

Or from little earthquakes? Or from the moving earth?


  1. completely unrelated to the K.C. explosion. Unrelated. And oil and gas do NOT own the news outlets doing the reporting. Or the AP. harumph!

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