Almost Unbelievable: These Eerie Photos Show Shanghai’s Explosive Growth in Just 26 Years


China has grown exponentially over the past two decades. And this almost unbelievable GIF will most certainly put all suspicions to rest!

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These two pictures of this animated photo combination were taken about 26 years apart and feature the financial district of Pudong, the area east of the Huangpu river, in 1987 and in 2013. As you see, Shanghai is transforming into an amazing and almost crazy futuristic city, which is now home to some 23 million people (11 million back in 1987).

The Telegraph explains the stunning growth:

The second [photograph] shows… an almost unrecognisable vista in which dozens of high-rises and skyscrapers jostle for space around the Shanghai Tower, a 2,073ft “vertical city”, which became the world’s second tallest building on Saturday.

Shanghai’s multi-billion dollar facelift began in the 1980s, during the early stages of China’s economic opening to the world.

In 1990, Communist Party leaders in Beijing unveiled plans to develop the area to the east of the Huangpu into a “Special Economic Zone”, and three years later “Pudong New Area” was officially founded.

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