Three Mysterious Explosions So Far On August 20 2013: New Jersey, Louisiana and Oklahoma


And they are talking about accidents?!?

Mysterious Explosion at New Jersey Navy station explosion – 8 hurt (ABC Local)

MIDDLETOWN (WABC) — At least eight sailors were injured after an explosion and fire at the Naval Weapons Station Earle in Middletown, New Jersey, Tuesday morning.

Naval officials confirm that some kind of explosion happened during maintenance work on a 35-foot utility vessel in one of the buildings along the waterfront around 9 a.m.


Tanker trucks explode at plant in Harvey (WDSU)

According to Kinder Morgan’s website, the Harvey facility handles commodities such as chemicals, vegetable oils, oil field, alcohols and animal fats.

Harvey explosion louisiana chemical plant

Col. John Fortunato with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said two trucks unloading chemicals caught fire and exploded at the facility.

See more pictures and video here.


Huge explosion and fire at a pipeline near Kiowa (Newson 6)

kiowa pipeline explosion


A natural gas pipeline in rural Pittsburg County ruptured and caught fire Tuesday morning.

Is our earth moving right now?

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