Atlantis Discovered? New Mysterious Underwater Pyramid Found Near Azores Island


Was Atlantis discovered? Was this underwater structure home of the advanced prehistoric civilization known as Atlantis?

A new mysterious giant underwater pyramid was discovered between the islands of Terceira and São Miguel in the Azores Islands.

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Was Atlantis found? A sonar view of this mysterious pyramid found near the Azores.

Sailor Diocleciano Smith has discovered, based on bathymetry readings, a 60 meters high underwater pyramid near the Bank De João de Castro, between the islands of Terceira and São Miguel. The mysterious building is around forty meters below water and aligned with the four cardinal compass directions, similar to the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Is this newly discovered underwater pyramid man-made or natural?

The discoverer doesn’t believe the pyramid is of natural origin. This is currently being investigated with the support of the Portuguese Navy.

Are these the remains of the lost City of Atlantis?

Legends of an advanced prehistoric civilization known as Atlantis have been around since the beginning of history, but previously those who searched for it were divided whether or not it was located near the Azores, South America or elsewhere. From as far back as Plato it was suggested the original builders of the pyramids lived west of Gibraltar, but findings of Machu Picchu, and other curiosities in the Mediterranean, led people to believe it was on the other side of the Atlantic.

The Azores are a chain of nine volcanic islands in three main groups that are 930 miles west of Lisbon. They are above what is known as a geological triple junction where the North American, Eurasian, and African tectonic plates meet. They were recolonized in 1941, but artifacts have been found suggesting they had been previously inhabited. Those artifacts are thought to have predated Christ by a few thousand years, but the location of the pyramid has been below water for 20,000 years since the last ice age.

Legends also persisted of Atlantis, Sete Cidades (Kingdoms of the Seven Cities), the Terras of São Brandão, the Ilhas Aofortunadas (The Fortunate Islands), the Ilha da Brasil (the Island of Brasil), Antília, the Ilhas Azuis (Blue Islands), the Terra dos Bacalhaus (Land of Codfish), and charts appeared between 1351 and 1439 of several groupings of islands with various names. The first association between the modern island of Terceira and these stories, was that of the island of Brasil; it first appears as Insula de Brasil in the Venetian map of Andrea Bianco (1436), attached to one of the larger islands of a group of islands in the Atlantic.

So was Atlantis finally discovered off the Azores?

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  1. Im from Terceira (3rd island by definition disc. by the Portuguese).. but do not live their

    best tip or advice i have
    Go there, be silent, immerse yourself in the people and their love
    Experience the natural beauty and energy that flows through that island
    as in it still holds ancient attributes that we cant commonly comprehend easily
    Then think about this…

    Since WW2 and the Nazi regime, (held alliance with Portugal and this land)
    U.S.A invaded and took over this specific island Terceira,
    Built a landing strip (one of a few on earth that is long enough to accommodate the NASA Space Shuttle(s).) And has not abandoned their presence on this island since day one of their arrival.


    my common sense can only lead me to believe
    these islands (the peaks of a mountain range)
    were perfectly situated in the center of the Americas and Europe/ Africa
    Which enabled this previous land mass not island group
    to reap the benefits of cross Atlantic trade and travel
    Still to this day
    yachts must stop on Atlantic ocean crossings in the Azores (o canary islands)
    for fuel and maintenance/inspection before completing their journey

    yes the Americas had
    Yucatan… chichenitza, Mexico pyramids, south America, Guatemala, all that
    Africa had Giza and their pyramids. Cuba.. Bermuda…

    but what lay in the middle o it all
    perfectly positions to reap the benefits o them all… 10 000, years ago….
    the mid Atlantic rid
    the Azores
    the island mass know as Atlantis

    and that’s what occurs so long before our time
    hidden in near clear sight
    suppressed by modern society

    the truth.. believe it or not


    • Damn how history takes a bump here …

      1st – the Azores have been colonized since 1440.

      2nd – The Nazi regime and Portugal have never been allies, Portugal was a neutral party

      3rd – The Portuguese gave the BRITISH access to a naval base in Terceira in exchange for a Air Base in Santa Maria Island in 1943

      4th – The US NEVER invaded the Azaores nor none of the islands

      5th – In 1943 arround 3000 BRITISH citizens arrived in Terceira to man the naval base there that was intended to refuel merchant ships. No military ships from either the Axis or the Allies could stay in there for more than 24 hours and in fact several U-boots ported there to repair and refit, mostly to be sunken later off the coast by british ships.

      6th – The Lages Base in Terceira started to be built by the BRITISH in 1943 and only 1944 US technicians arrived to help in the effort to built a true Aero base. To be more precise the first aero base there dated from 1928 and was built to help the effort of flying across the Atlantic.

      7th – From 1946 the US kept some presence in the Lages that was reinforced with creation of NATO, in fact the base of one of the reasons for Portugal to be accepted because of the strategic importance. More so the Portuguese and US are both responsible for the improovment of the base in size and infra-structures.

      8th – Only 1979 the control of the base passed to US hands, never the less Portugal still keeps part of the base as the BA4 that is used mostly for search and rescue operation and Aeronautical surveilance of the Atlantic.

      It is sad for people that say that are Portuguese and hail from a certain place to know so little about their own history and the TRUE facts.

      It is known that the Azores have always been a place that could be pinpointed as one possible site for Atlantis, never the less an underwater structure that has not been verified as man made or an incredible coincidence is hardly any proof. I do hope we may find Atlantis one day and maybe fathom some of it’s misteries, But until definitive proof is given this can be just another merry coincidence. Like Troy, this is a city that may never be truly found.

      On a side note the base is one of the few in witch the space shuttle can land, but there are 2 in Spain and one in France that also have NASA crews, as there are quite a few more bases around the world where the Shuttle can land, in Germany, Morroco, Saudi Arabia, Niger and UK to name a few.

      • J , told the Absolute Truth about IT !
        And there’s much more to IT …
        The only inhabitants before the Portuguese Colonization of the Islands , were (in a covert operation , as TEMPLARS always did, to reach the CONTINENT today wrongly known as “america” …) the Portuguese Knights of Christ in the 12th Century…it is not writen , or oficially known , but it happened , and they did reach and establich there much , much before the Portuguese Agent Spy in the Court of CASTILLE , known by the fake name of “Cristovão Colombo” , get there , suposedly thinking that could reach the Indias by the West, and , also suposedly by “chance” …

        …BEcause . what Counts for The FUture of Earth , are not the LIES and the Manipulation of the TRuth .
        What Counts for the History of Earth is the REal Truth of What is never Told in the mainstream of “information” …
        And , saying this , i don’t mean the LIES and the EVIL that is being done To the EARTH and the LIFE on Earth by COrporations like the US , no .
        By stating this , i am Talking about the ACTIONS that have a FUTURE Purpose of the GReater GOOD of LIFE on Earth and that Were and Are never told .
        That is what i Mean.
        But i already have spoken too much , as I am not going to loose any more of my precious time to contradict you , because there’s nothing to contradict !
        It is Widely known in the World that US people are IGNORANT and ARROGANT , thinking they Know all , assuming they “OWN” the World …but HISTORY Will Teel you the REAL TRUTH if with all your Arrogance you don’t get IT !
        YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT PORTUGAL’S ALLIANCES (secretly made or not …) , and , really , YOU KNOW NOTHING , not only of PORTUGAL ‘ S Great HIstory , but , YOU KNOW NOTHING Of PORTUGAL and the HISTORY of EARTH .

      • HISTORY is his story and written by the masses or victors. The TRUTH is often clouded or dismissed because it darkens the history.
        That is a FACT!

      • 60 meters = a 20 story building that is high and what is stated is 8000 square meters, so roughly 89.5 meters wide that is hardly a bump. Not the biggest thing around, but big enough

        People should really try to learn languages b4 they translate

        “8 mil metros quadrados” = 8 thousand square meters and not 8000 meters wide as stated in the article

  2. I think the real important thing to know is that things like Atlantis, are just the tip of the iceberg. The world is changing such that there new prophecies stated the landscape of the world will change to the degree that it will be unrecognizable in the future. In my own experience certainly, I can recognize in hindsight, that I have been feeling the impending signs of these Great Waves of Change for several years. There is a free ebook that confirmed many of these feelings & showed me a way to begin to prepare internally, for what lies ahead. Many are feeling the great changes coming, it seems that not as many are willing to take action, step outside of their comfort zone, and seek new experiences to get ready.

    Do you have the eyes to see reality as it is? Do you have the ears to listen for guidance from Spirit and deep knowing within? Has this native ability saved you & prevented errors in your life already? Do you wish to build a deeper connection to it, facing the uncertain times ahead, these are the questions I had come up for me that I had to answer. And my heart had the resonance feeling and response that I so desperately was praying for. These are critical issues facing us, the response ability of each person will be called for now. Please experience what I did with your heart and mind open. And pray upon it. The book which I’ve reread I found at or In Stillness all things can be known.

  3. heres what plato and many others had to say. Atlantis lay somewhere between the americas and europe. ( it would be in a geographical location simular to bermuda. ) and it had some kind of TESLA like device to power vehicles like cars or boats and submersables. Sound to strange to be true?

    • Much as I admire Plato, who I suspect may yet be proved right (in terms of his fundamental ontology) after 2000 years of Aristotileanism, I doubt that he mentioned “Tesla-like devices” because (a) Tesla wasn’t born for another 2000 years and (b) Tesla’s devices don’t work. If you want to transmit power through the air you are going to have to find a better way to do it, preferably one that won’t fry passing birds. Tesla coils *do* work at short range but they’re far too wasteful to be something I would recommend, as someone who is concerned about the environment – about 90% of the power is lost over a distance of a few feet!

      As for the cars and so on, if Plato had access to those, why were the Greeks overrun by the Spartans?

    • Atlantis was not just a city, it was a continent lying where the Atlantic Ocean is now. And I know at least some pyramids, Giza for sure, were power generators. Tesla was a genius, otherwise he wouldn’t have been harassed, had his lab ransacked, and been killed…and yes they want you to think his stuff ‘wasn’t that great’ …

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