Red Aurora Turns the Sky Blood Red Over Kansas – Enhanced Activity Due to Recent Solar Storms


DO WE ALREADY FEEL THE SEPTEMBER 30 2013 SOLAR STORM? At least, some people in Kansas and Minnesota were able to photograph eerie pictures and a make fantastic video of blood red northern lights on October 1 2013, so just one day after!

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Amazing red aurora in Kansas USA – October 1 2013. Photo:

Mesmerizing red color, isn’t it? The city lights makes this view even more fantastic! Learn how they are produced in this article. And look at the orange flares in the next picture.

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Amazing red and orange northern lights aurora in Kansas USA – October 1 2013. Photo:

Other vivid northern lights were recorded on the same date across the United States and particularly over Saint-Cloud in Minnesota. Look at the spectacular bright red, green, white, purple and orange tones filling the sky in this video.

The description of the video states:

The Auroras are from the latest geomagnetic storm that arrived earlier then expected and from the CME that burst from the sun a few days ago. At one point the Auroras were directly over head and even pointed into the southern sky.

Listen to aurora chorus and sounds in this post!

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