Terrifying Explosion at a Fireworks Warehouse in Tenjo Colombia (VIDEOS)


You better stand back! Watch this tremendous explosion at a gunpowder plant! Starting gently, like a small firework, this fire turns into a huge destructive bang!

The incident occurred at 3:20 PM on Friday, as 30 employees of the Hofman fireworks warehouse were packing sparklers to be sold in December.

As described under the second video:

A fireworks factory (Polvoreria Hofman) in Tenjo, Colombia (about 20 miles from Bogota) has exploded after a fire broke out inside on September 27 2013. The factory housed over three tonnes of gunpowder, making it difficult for firefighters to battle the fire before the blast.

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Image from Youtube video

Buildings within a 1/2 miles radius were damaged. Moreover the explosion was heard over a distance of 20 miles. Fortunately the buildings were evacuated before the blast making injuries minimal. Mr. Rivera, a resident of Tenjo, says “There were two explosions. The first was mild but the second was much harder. They were great pillars of fire”

According to the Red Cross five people were injured, three firefighters and two women, and were referred immediatly to health centers in Bogota, Mosquera and Funza. (SOURCE)

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