Beautiful Videos Of Birds In Flocks By Dennis Hlynsky


When birds travel in flocks, their behavior takes on emergent properties. Out of the chaos of flight, gorgeous, geometric patterns coalesce.

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Stacking video of birds in Flocks by Dennis Hlynsky. Gif: Dennis Hlynsky

When photographers capture these patterns at exactly the right time, it’s like seeing mathematical abstractions written across the sky. But when you start filming these bird movements, what you get is simply amazing! Enjoy!

There areno digital additions to these video. You remember? It’s stacking!

Design professor Dennis Hlynsky uses video imaging to show the patterns in various movements of animal groups.

He explains his process on his website:

There are no digital additions to the video. They are processed by stacking a sequence of frames and adding the darkest pixels together. The frame at the beginning of the stack is dropped and the next frame in sequence is added to the end of the stack. This process is repeated until the entire video clip is rendered. I do not use time lapse in the traditional sense of the word but offer a glimpse seconds long of the paths these creatures take. I find each “flock” has a form, a rhythm, and pattern to the glyphs they leave as they perambulate.

You can watch more videos on his Vimeo site.

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