Loud Booms Compilation: NJ, Ala, SC, KY – January 15 – 23 2014


Here a compilation of the latest mysterious booms reported by regional websites across the USA. Some links contain videos. For other reports, please refer to the comments of this blog and to our Facebook page.

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Boom. Photo: Strangesounds

Mysterious Booms in South Carolina – January 21 2014

People in the Chesnee and Mayo area of Spartanburg County reported hearing loud booms around 9 p.m. Monday. Some residents reported that their windows rattled, making some dogs bark. Initially, investigators said they had not found the cause but believed it might be an explosive that is used for target practice, like Tannerite. – Source, 2, 3, 4

‘Loud booms’ in Kentucky – January 19 2014

A series of ‘loud booms’ late on Saturday night have been a cause for concern for local communities. Nothing visible to indicate a problem at this time but the source of the booms remain unknown. – Source, 2

Ammunition Disposal Creating ‘Loud Booms’ in Colbert County Alabama – January 16 2014

Several people, myself included are hearing loud booms in Florence, Killen and Rogersville. I live near Rogersville and could feel the percussion while standing on my front porch. What the heck is going on? – Source

Loud booms reported in Edison during State Police training – January 15 2014

No need to be alarmed: The loud booms widely reported in south Edison were the result of State Police bomb squad training, according to the Edison Police Department and State Police. – Source

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