Loud Booms Created By Meteor Explosion In Upstate New York


Meteor sightings and fireball explosions are always impressive phenomena. If you add booming sounds and rattling, than it becomes terrifying. And this is exactly what happened last Sunday afternoon around Lake Ontario!

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meteor explosion in Upsate New York

Did you hear a loud boom or see a possible meteor shoot through the sky Sunday in Upstate New York on January 12 2014? Some are convinced they heard and saw meteors near Lake Ontario on this exact date at around 3:30 or 4 p.m.

As reported by Storm Trackers Team NY:

Possible Meteor Sighting?

We are receiving reports that people may have seen a meteor shooting across the sky late this afternoon. Many reports also of a loud boom noise. I heard it myself. It sounded like thunder! Did you see or hear anything?

Are you like the almost 40 people that have positively responded so far? Did you hear this loud boom? What it thunder or did you also witness this meteor  explosion?

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