Loud Booms, Explosions and Blue Flashes in Mississippi – August 17 2014


Hi everybody! I need your help to find the origin of these these loud booms, explosions and blue flashes that were reported by a follower from Mississippi on this blog!

Did you also experience rumbling noises and see strange blue light flashes in Mississippi, yesterday, August 17, 2014?

memphis, memphis photo, mississippi river in downtown memphis, mysterious sounds in mississippi, memphis Tennessee, Memphis, TN : Bridge over Mississippi River in downtown Memphis. Photo: Fishnlawyr
Memphis, TN : Bridge over Mississippi River in downtown Memphis. Photo: Flickr Fishnlawyr

Here the report posted on Strange Sounds:

Blue flashes and what sounded like military mortars and machine guns..at 8:57pm. Went on for 30 minutes or so..like exchanges of fire in a battle. We live in rural Mississippi about 50miles southeast of Memphis TN.  No military bases. No fireworks going off.  No thunderstorms. And no explanation from the sheriff or the local news. The first explosion was really loud followed by smaller booms..then quiet A few seconds..then started up again. Blue flashes in sky that coincided with the sounds. Very terrifying. Witnessed by myself, son…then ran to brothers house and he and family saw and heard it. And my parents and other brother. I am still shaken up by this.

The blue flashes remind me this:

Last night at 8:57…I was outside with my son looking for meteors from the perseids..there was a flash and loud explosion..followed by multiple explosions and then like return “artillery” fire. I grew up close to a training base in Arkansas… and this is exactly what it sounded like..military exchanging rounds..even short bursts like machine guns. First let me say I live about 50 miles outside Memphis TN. In very rural country setting Mississippi. There are no bases near us. In fact closest neighbor is 30 acres away. It was terrifying. My parents and my brothers went driving around to see what they could find out…and nothing. Continues for about 25 minutes. Blue flashes in sky..explosions. Called sheriff..they didn’t know what we were talking about. Called news station..they didn’t know either. So today, we sit here baffled by the fact no one has reported any of this. The only semi close info I have found on web is reports of rumbles before an earthquake. But really this was like military mortars and machine gun. I’m still scared. Not knowing what was going on makes it even worse.

I must say, I am also baffled. No earthquakes, no underground or transformer explosions. Half an hour is too long for meteor explosions. No us army trainings sheduled. No thunderstorms. Are these booms related to tannerite explosions?

I really have no ideas, sorry! But maybe someone out there has the solution to our loud booms, explosions and blue flashes mystery! Thank you for your help!

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  1. Did you ever find anything about this? I heard these same loud sounds yesterday (January 21 2016). They were VERY loud and really concerned me… They sounded so nearby, I really feel like I should be aware if something is going on so near my home…

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