Loud Explosion Boom Resulting From Falling High-Voltage Lines in Gippsland in Victoria, Australia


This city is damned! Two months after the terrible fire at Hazelwood open-cut coal mine, 80’000 people in Gippsland in Victoria were out of power following the explosion of power lines in Morwell, Australia.

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Loud booms triggered by power line explosion in Morwell Australia – April 4 2014

The loud explosion occurred at around 7.30am when 66,000-volt power lines came down and caused a nearby substation to trip.

The noise was described as a deep, rumbling noise. It was heard just before the amazing fireball appeared.

Wow, look at flashes and smoke in this impressive video.

Here are some people reactions collected by The Australian:

At first I thought we were under attack from an atomic bomb.

It looked like a mushroom cloud going up and you could see the electrical arcing that was going through the cloud. It was carrying the arcing with it.

It looked like an electrical storm. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was a bit of a glow and a really loud rumble.

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