Mysterious booming sounds across Chesterfield County in Virginia and strange sounds over Waterloo in Indiana – April 28 2014


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Two videos report mysterious booms and rumblings in Chesterfield, Virginia and in Waterloo, Indiana, on April 28, 2014. But their sources remain a mystery.

Official explanations for the mystery booms and rumbling across Chesterfield County are tannerite police training exercises as well as cannon detonations during a Civil War reenactment. Well, you do what ever you want with these explanations! I believe these booms are man-made and not of natural origin.

The second video is almost a live record of a strange roaring noise shot at 2:20 am in Waterloo, Indiana. Are these strange humming noises natural sounds? Enigma seeker is not sure. Here it is:

Reports of strange sounds and mysterious booms are decreasing, but let us know if you heard them!

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