US Dust Storm: Giant Haboob Engulfs Phoenix – July 3 2014

A dust storm is always a good way to start holidays! This amazing timelapse of the first Phoenix intense haboob was caught on July 3 2014.


The US dust storm season started on Thursday, July 3 2014, in Phoenix.

The giant habboob interfered with holiday travel and activities for the area.

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An intense dust storm hits Phoenix on July 3 2014. Watch the timelapse in this post. Photo: Patrick Breen

This intense sand storm was classified as a haboob in some areas and was followed by strong winds (up to 50 mph), rain (an inch of rainfall in 30 minutes! Amazing!) and thunderstorms around Phoenix.

This timelapse describes in images the amazing nature phenomenon that engulfed Phoenix, Arizona:

As the dust clouds rolled over the city, visibility became poor and traffic was stalled. The Sky Harbor International Airport had to ground all flights at 8pm, but the situation was resumed at 8:45 pm as the massive dust storm decreased in intensity.

The local firework show had to be cancelled and more than 25,000 people were without power as the storms caused outages across the area. This is a good holiday start!

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