Colorado Springs Explosion Noises: Army Exercises and Homecoming Ceremony?


Colorado Springs Explosion Noises ? Are you also hearing explosion noises in and around Colorado Springs?

Although their source is still unknown, they may be related to army exercises or homecoming ceremony.

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Fort Carson. Photo:

Many troops are now training in the US. Maybe to eradicate ISIS in Irak. So soldiers have to train, to get fit for war.

Colorado Springs is home to both Army and Air Force bases. It is surrounded by military installations, excluding Schriever Air Force Base, which is located east of the city in El Paso County. Sometimes, soldiers come back home. There was actually a homecoming ceremony at Fort Carson planned on Wednesday. Maybe it has been postponed (actually for tomorrow). Or they are just exercising. 

For example, full-scale crisis exercises will be conducted at Fort Carson on August 26 and 27 at Fort Carson to test and train the installation’s emergency preparedness.

Moreover, the 4th Space Operations Squadron demonstrated its ability to conduct mobile operations during a training mission exercise Friday at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado. So the loud booming noise could also be linked to this training made as ‘realistic as possible’.

In any cases I believe these explosion noises being related to military actions.

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