Colombus Booms: Fighter Jet Goes Sonic Over Chattahoochee Valley, Georgia


Colombus Booms: Many residents around Columbus, Georgia, reported some loud rumbling noise yesterday at around 5p.m.

The loud explosion and vibrations heard and felt across the Chattahoochee Valley were fighter jets’ sonic booms, according to official sources.

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Photo of a jet going sonic

No, you are not alone! Plenty of residents around Colombus and the Chattahoochee Valley experienced loud booms. Officials confirmed they were created by two F-15 fighter jets breaking the sound barrier on their way to Warner Robins Air Force Base. Of course they decided to go sonic over Colombus, a medium-sized city. This is weird!

Was it really a routine testing?

First of all I thought that it is against the FAA regulation to go sonic… unless there was a darn good reason. But I seem to be wrong. This is only for civil aircraft (and not for military planes). Obama was in Atlanta. He may have needed an military escort to Florida… who knows! Finally, Warner Robins Air Force Base warns that during F-15 testing, they break the sound barrier seven miles above ground typically starting east of Columbus and ending their test flight around Eastman, Georgia.

So the next question is: have you already heard something like this before?

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