Intense hailstorms devastate Bangladesh killing residents and 5000 thousand birds


Two killed, 20 hurt, 500 houses damaged, 5,000 birds dead.

That’s the result of an apocalyptic storm that swept through Bangladesh 3-4 days ago.

The nor’wester, a weather pattern that develops in the Bay of Bengal during the summer, hit the country 4 days ago ravaging several houses uprooting trees and bringing down electricity lines.

The severe tropical storm ripped through Dhaka and northwestern region in Bangladesh overnight, leaving a trail of destruction in several areas.

People died after they were buried under collapsed houses.

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Dead birds killed by hailstorm in Bangladesh. Photo: Star

At least 5000 birds of different species also died during the heavy storm.

Cultures have also been destroyed. 500 other homesteads have also been damaged.

This half an hour storm was just apocalyptic!

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