Flying spider phenomenon in Chicago will keep you up at night!

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Every spring, spiders on the outside of the windows. Sometimes it can be a lot. And this on top of the highest buildings in Chicago!

The flying spider phenomenon in Chicago may really keep you up at night.

But the most amazing is that these spiders have no wings but get there by balloon.

As explained by Live Science:

[quote_box_center]Ballooning is when they simply let a little strand out of their abdomen, which gets caught by winds and then blow long until they happen to hit a place, where they can build a web.[/quote_box_center]

The spiders don’t want to get into your house. They’ve actually evolved to live on cliff faces and prefer hard surfaces like the side of a high rise.

Chicagoans should expect to see ‘flying spiders‘ in great numbers. The spiders are innofensive and this phenomenon occurs in Chicago because of insect breeding around Lake Michigan.

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