Brazilian Air Force Mirrages sonic boom brake windows on government building


Extremely strong frequency of sound can crack, and even shatter glass.

Watch these Brazilian Air Force planes destroying windows at the country’s supreme court building. Insane.

The video is originally from 2012, and is enjoying revival on a Reddit thread. It shows the rapid flight of two Mirage 2000s breaking the sound barrier and many of the building’s windows during a public ceremony.

What’s behind the phenomenon

The planes created invisible shockwaves that ripped through the atmosphere. The approach of the planes is silent because at supersonic speeds, there is no sound heard as an object approaches an observer. Indeed, the object is traveling faster than the sound it produces.

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An F/A-18C Hornet breaks the sound barrier off the coast of Pusan, South Korea. U.S. Navy photo by [Ensign John Gay]. Feature on Astronomy pictures of the day of August 19, 2007.
It is only when the object passes the observer that it will be able to hear the sound emitted by the object. When the object has passed over the observer, the pressure disturbance waves radiate toward the ground, causing a sonic boom.

In this case, the infamous loud sonic boom was so strong it destroyed the huge government building’s facade.

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