Mysterious booms rattle the entire US from Pennsylvania to California and Florida baffling residents and officials


During this week-end, mysterious booms were reported in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Oklahoma, Florida, Georgia, California, Nebraska and New Jersey.

And in almost every cases, nobody can pinpoint their cause…

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Loud booms are reported across the US on January 2016 and nobody seems to be able to explain the loud explosion noises.

Mystery booming noise rattle Pennsylvania… Frostquakes? 🙂

Are frostquakes back? Mysterious explosion booms have been reported on January 9 2016 around York County. But officials did not find anything. The mystery continues

Mysterious booms in Huntington County, Indiana and as fas as Colorado

What are the mysterious loud booms around the region? The county has received several reports of very loud explosions and like a cannon firing booms over the last 10-14 days, with a spike over the last 24 hours.

Strange explosion noises rattle Oklahoma

People from all over Carter County, Oklahoma felt a loud boom on January 8, 2016, which source is still unknown. Houses, windows and buildings shook. The boom was felt and then it just like rolled roared… Another fracking quake? Or an army jet sonic boom?

Loud boom in Coweta County, Georgia could be tannerite

Several residents of eastern Coweta County – from Senoia, Sharpsburg and even Peachtree City – reported a boom that shook their homes on January 8, 2016. This strong blast could be linked to tannerite.

Mystery loud boom rattle houses in Florida

Many people across the Panhandle – from Panama City Beach, Panama City, Southport, Lynn Haven, Youngstown, Santa Rosa Beach, Marianna, Cottondale, Chipley, Bonifay, and Clarksville – said they heard a loud noise on January 8, 2016 just before 12:30 pm. Houses shook but nothing has been found yet.

Loud booming noise throughout Paso Robles, California are from Camp Roberts

Loud noises heard throughout Paso Robles are from army exercises at Camp Roberts. Call Camp Roberts for more information.

Earthquake in Nebraska triggers loud rumbling noise

A woman felt the effect of a rare earthquake that hit Nebraska on January 4, 2016, which sounded like a very loud explosion.

Earthquake booms reports for January 2016.

The same increase in mysterious booms was noted in January 2015.

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  1. I completely stumbled across this and am so glad to have found all of you
    I am writing from Sebastopol Ca
    We are located Sonoma County or known as The Wine Country
    I mention that first to help anyone attempting to coordinates longitudes /lattitudes etc In order to figure out WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ?
    A friend and I heard an incredible “boom” very late or early however you choose to see it at appx 3:00 AM early part of last week
    Sorry believe me I wish now I had written it down
    It was so incredibly loud and seemed to be very close to where we were standing
    We were in my front yard and enjoying afire in the fire pit
    It was so intense we thought someone had just fired a shotgun over the hedge
    This has bothered me for days
    We waited to hear sirens or even just lights from local law enforcement cars but nothing
    We even found the dogs and got inside in case it was a person with a gun who had issues
    Several neighbors heard the same thing and had called the local police and Sheriffs Dept
    Not one car came to check it out
    They gave no explanation
    Okay so now its Sunday June 2016 and I stumble across this and Im so glad because
    last night same thing not as loud but three distinctive “booms” at appx 1:00AM ?
    This is disturbing to say the least and no one has offered any explanation
    Its way too loud and way too loud to be nothing
    I have another unusual occurance of a different nature that I think may corilate with these
    If anyone wants to contact me regarding the matter feel free to do so Thanks

  2. The rumbling sounds are getting more frequent here in Clearwater, FL. Yesterday 01/12/16 and today 01/13/16 several rumblings going on. Pretty weird to me.

  3. In case you aren’t aware, the military has a sophisticated underground tunneling
    system across our nation. This can be researched. Sounds like they are expanding.
    Another possibility is H.A.A.R.P. Also researchable. It would certainly explain the

  4. loud booms felt in Tallahassee FL for several weeks. Rumbling sounds, rattles the windows in my house. Anyone else in Tallahassee noticing this?

  5. We had 2 extremely loud explosion type incidents on 1-9-16. Several fire units searched the surrounding areas to find that someone was shooting at explosive targets.

  6. There was a VERY loud boom this evening around 5. My dogs were on the couch next to me sound asleep and just about jumped out of their skin, my son was in his room and heard it too. We live in Albuquerque NM. I thought there was an explosion near by, but found nothing.

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