Terrifying strange sounds in the sky of Gouda, Netherlands


These terrifying strange sounds in the sky were recorded on January 6, 2016 in Gouda, Netherlands at around 7:45am.

Do you know what they are?

Here the largest list of these uneplained noises from the sky.

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  1. They could easily be from HAARP. From Teslas’ experiments we know what comes back to earth is a million times more powerful, than what we beamed up – no-one said anything about a time limit, or time delay. This phenom happened more than once, but radio messages sent during WWll were received, reached some destination, 50 years later. This could be possible with sound waves produced by HAARP and lez face it, who knows what’s being sent above our atmosphere, besides HAARP……What about the SPACE STATION, SATELLITES, WEAPONRY, et al we’ve implanted in the heavens? Those are some pretty big ‘toys’ we put up there. There might be more of a probability than not, those sounds come from a straining, of those big toys. Taking into consideration their frequency, and the age we’re living in, they just might be the sound of the “trumpets” blaring

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