Strange sounds in the sky over Spokane, Washington at night


These strange sounds in the sky were heard at night in Spokane Valley, Washington in the last few days?

What are these loud trumpet noises?

As reported by Amanda Rhoads on her Facebook Page:

Sharing publicly as many have asked me to do so that they can share the video. Read my post for more info. Just curious what it is!

This is the loud trumpet/howling noises in Spokane Valley, WA that I have been hearing All night. Started around 11pm and have been non-stop up until this morning, about 6am.

I live off of Pines Road and it has been extremely loud! Seems to be coming from the sky and moves around. A few times it felt as if it was charging fast back towards my house after becoming somewhat distant. Enjoy the lovely sounds of orcas dying in the sky! hahaha…

Update: Trains were ruled out.

Was heard by many, even in nearby cities, but more faint.

News now report that it was from one snow plow working non-stop all night from 10pm to 9am at a local mall. Take that info and do with it as you wish lol….

The recent videos of same noise all over the world recently, in all weather conditions….yes, that’s odd for sure ha.

And, lastly, please…no more messages to me asking what this is, or thinking I’m a key to something bigger, or you believe I know more than I’m telling. I honestly don’t know nor expected this to be seen by 27K people already. It was incredible to hear in person. Very loud, very unique. I just heard it all night and shared…if I had answers, I’d pass them along, but, I’m no creepy loud sky noise expert haha!

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