Terrifying sounds from the sky captured in several regions Indonesia as well as in Calgary, Canada


The mysterious sounds from the sky are increasing again in November 2017.

They were recorded on two consecutive days across several regions of Indonesia and in Calgary, Canada.

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strange sounds from the sky captured across Indonesia and Calgary, Canada in November 2017

Terrifying strange noises from the sky in Indonesia – November 1, 2017

The sounds in this video are totally insane. It is not described where where they were recorded from, but they are clearly coming from the sky, announcing the incoming apocalypse, maybe in Indonesia.

Faint noise recorded in Calgary, Canada – November 2, 2017

Why are the strange sounds in the sky coming back again?

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  1. On March 19, 2016, it was a beautiful spring sunny warm day, about 5 of us, were sitting outside by the beach at a city beach community on lunch break at a workshop. The ice was quite solid and frozen on the lake appeared to be making whale squealing sounds and similar to this video but more like true ocean whale sounds. I would find out on my way home, it was the exact time we were having lunch that my brother was fighting for his life. I am surprised to see other similar sounds. Very peculiar. Perilous times.

  2. Just recently, around November 1 or 2 my dogs woke me at 2:00 AM to go out. When I put them out I noticed the distant trumpet noises like in the Calgary video. The noises were faint but loud enough to hear clearly. Over the past 2 weeks or so we have been hearing the booms. I live 6 miles from NASA Wallops and I have been blaming all these noises on them. Places where these noises take place, are they near any military bases or space centers? Just wondering. These noises, especially the booms, have all happened before, some very loud and house shaking.

  3. They were moving snow and the last sound was a siren, police or ambulance. Have these people never paid attention to sound outside before? What a bunch of bullshit.

  4. Gonna go out on an edge here. But everybody needs to look up tunnel boring machines. Pull a video up and listen to it when it goes thru bedrock. Remember, stone is a good conductor of sound. Sound coming from the ground would sound like it was coming out of thin air……… Just saying….

  5. First is fake, and not a good fake at that. The second one does it only happen in winter? it could well be a new weather phenomenon related to the cold. I can’t help but keep going back to the thought that its somehow related to earths plate movement since its been recorded around the world. It could be that we just havent been around as a species when its happens before. That or its something related to the poles shifting?. All very interesting.

  6. The first sounds look to be a total fake and very poorly attached to the video. It is noticeable in very low quality and other specific sounds which look like played and replayed in a loop.

    But the second video is 100% real and there is many videos from Calgary of this sound. Now question is they are real paranormal sounds or just snow plows scratching asphalt and concrete.

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