What the hell are they spraying?


A very interesting interview of Dane Wigington from GeoEngineering Watch.

Lionel Nation is a critical thinker, an ardent and voracious consumer of alternative and foreign news sourcing and an avowed historian, keeping in mind Tolstoy’s admonition: “History would be a wonderful thing if only it were true.”

Dane Wigington focused his efforts and energy on the geoengineering issue when he began to lose very significant amounts of solar uptake due to ever-increasing “solar obscuration” caused from the aircraft spraying as he also noted significant decline in forest health and began testing and research into the geoengineering issue about a decade ago.

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What the hell are they spraying… An interview of Dane Wigington from www.geoengineeringwatch.org

He is the lead researcher for www.geoengineeringwatch.org and has investigated all levels of geoengineering, solar radiation management, and global ionosphere heaters like HAARP. Dane has appeared on an extensive number of interviews and films to explain the environmental dangers we face on a global level from the ongoing climate engineering assault.

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  1. “THEY” are also spraying Human Blood. Do NOT donate your blood to Vampires’ (=reptilians’) Blood Mobile. They are going to spray your blood from the sky.


    Numerous geoengineering methods are registered in the United States Patent Office; the oldest ones date from the end of the 19th century.

    Over the years, substances such as carbonic acid, silver iodide, zinc oxide, dimethyl sulfoxide, barium and ammonium perchlorate have been used to force the precipitation of atmospheric water vapor.

    On the other hand, diatomites, calcium chloride, ammonia, carbon dioxide, butane, isobutane, propane, freons, aluminum, sulfuric acid and superabsorbent polymers have been used to dissipate rainy fronts and reduce rainfall.

    The dispersion of metal oxides (including aluminum oxide) in the stratosphere in order to reduce the supposed global warming due to CO2 is the subject of the Hughes Aircraft Inc. patent, 1991.

    The study of geoengineering patents and the analysis of samples of water, soil, plants and blood made in different parts of our planet have led many researchers to report that they are fumigating us with toxic metals such as aluminum, barium and titanium, whose presence in the biosphere is rapidly increasing.

    The use of self-assembling polymers, carbon nanotubes with biological and chemical carrier capacity and smart dust or smart dust has also been reported.

    After all these horrible things, it’s amazing how we are still alive, breathing all these toxic things.

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