Bernie Asks Veteran $130K+ in Medical Debt How He Plans on Paying it Off: “I’m Going to Kill Me”


Bernie Sanders asks a Navy veteran with $130K+ in medical debt how he plans on paying it off:

The man answers: “I’m going to kill myself”


Such misery should never happen!

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  1. Huntington’s is a nasty disease where your brain basically deteriorates until you die. We don’t have a cure, it’s a genetic disease, and often people who have it have a relative who went through the same so they know exactly what will happen to them.

    It’s highly likely he is contemplating suicide due to his prognosis and not the money. (Obviously I don’t know but knowing he has Huntington’s adds another layer to this m).

  2. I genuinely feel bad for this man. And I don’t have the answers. But there’s a bit of irony in people begging for more government insurance, when government insurance is what failed this man in the first place.

  3. Question from an ignorant non american but why would bankruptcy not be an option? They can’t repo his medical care.

    Just jack up the bills, get the best care possible then don’t pay them. Fuck the system that is trying to fuck you. What would happen if all americans drowning in medical debt just stopped paying?

    Even better, move any assets that you currently own into crypto (monero for lack of tracability) and transfer to a friend you trust to turn back into cash and hold onto. Or use your new crypto to buy bullion or something else that won’t KYC and holds value.

    I don’t understand why people let the system fuck them so hard. Doing things right and your life is ruined, doing them wrong and it is maybe ruined less (or you get the satisfaction of knowing you flipped the bird on the way out).

    Coming from someone who did everything right and still got fucked.

  4. Not really collapse related, directly. This has been the situation in America for many decades, though granted the profiteering has been turbo-charged over the years. The for-profit health care system (and the focus on it is in the first term there, for-profit, not “for-health”) in the US is incredibly expensive, leaves tens of millions without any organized care, causes 60% of all the bankruptcies and as a consequence tens of thousands of excess deaths. It’s an absolute shitshow.

    The right wing: “but muh freedom!”

  5. Healthcare debt isn’t a sign of collapse, it’s a sign of legislature stupidity. Healthcare services are inherently a public good that needs to have its cost shared among the population. It’s not a hard thing to understand. The whole civilized world understands that, except the US.

  6. Here’s a secret, folks:

    The American healthcare system, like the American educational system, is unfixable.

    We’ll keep on trucking, regardless who is president, until the whole house of cards caves.

    These bloated systems are too big to reform, and ultimately a complete failure is the only thing to bring about any changes.

  7. What incentive is there to pay the medical bills with a serious illness? As for leaving an inheritance, wouldn’t he just store cash in shoeboxes? Is it even legal for hospitals to put judgments on a home?

  8. You can’t take the engine out of a car, then bitch it isn’t running. Veterans services require actual money to operate. No “the government” did not do this. Privatization and Republicans did this.

  9. To be fair, he has much better reasons for suicide than bills in the mail…

    Huntington’s is progressive, uncurable, and frankly hopeless. That $130k is for diagnosis and purely paliative care. Just hope his kids (if any) get genotyped and if they’re positive make the right decision and get sterilized.

  10. I don’t know what to do when I look at people like this navy vet besides just cry.


    He probably didn’t do everything perfect in life and there were things I bet he wish he had done better. But he probably felt like he worked hard, kept his nose clean and did the right thing. Only to have his hard work, blood, sweat, and tears turn into ashes in his mouth and be abandoned with an unrealistic medical debt when he needed help the most. The sheer helplessness and rage he must feel at the injustice of it all, I can only imagine an inkling of it.


    We are building a society that only takes and never gives. we have built a society that takes people like this man, takes him for all he his worth, and only to chew him up and spit him out when he is no longer useful. I don’t want to be a part of this.

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